Sunday, April 30, 2006

Last Blast

I have been remiss in posting orange and yellow pictures this month - April and February, for some reason, always seem like such short months to me, and this one just got away from me. But here are a few to finish us up.

Yellow cookie cutters (for easter cookies).

Yellow and orange easter eggs.

And half a FO!

I finished up one of my orange/yellow socks today - too bad it won't count for the Sock-a-month KAL (but seriously, it's the SOCK a month KAL, not the pair of socks a month KAL, right? :). My hubby even commented that he "really liked it" and wanted to know what kind of yarn it was (it's Plymouth Sockotta - a cotton/wool blend). Best part about this sock? Besides the toe and cuff, the whole sock was knit in the car and at baseball games. Love that portable knitting!

I really feel like a "real" sock knitter these days - when this second sock is finished, that will make 11 pairs of socks I've knit. Now I realize that 11 is nowhere near Theresa's 95 pairs of socks, but she does have a few years head start on me! I can now kitchener a toe and turn a heel using only my brain, and no pattern! Such a great feeeling.

I'm lacking a picture, but I am to the heel flap on the first That '70s Sock - off to turn the heel, and gather green things for May!


  1. I love it when Number Guy drives and I can knit shotgun! Nice socks.

  2. Ooohh, I love that sock!! And you are turning into one quick sock knitter.

  3. They came out so cute around the heels - nicely lined up and everything. I love that! And I'm about to go frog a sock, so that'll give you some time to catch up :)