Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Holey Moley

Tons of excitement around these here parts. Stayed up way too late last night going through the knitting books/mags marking "yes" "maybe" and "gift" with delightful Post-it flags.

Today I added to the WIPs list on the sidebar there - and I miscounted yesterday. I have 10!! objects on the needles. One is not pictured in the sidebar b/c it is super-duper top secret. It is a second, special gift for my Sockpal, and if I say what it is it will be pretty obvious to the lovely knitter it is intended for (who knows if she even reads my blog, but I don't want to chance it). I'll post pictures of it after she has received her package. :) Surprises are fun!

Received another lovely package in the mail today - yarn from Knitpicks for the delightfully cute Cupcake hat - Merino style in Blush, Strawberry and light yellow (Lemon?). It is v. soft, though the strawberry seems too orange. But DH thinks it looks fine, and it's for his friend's kiddo anyway. I also slipped one tiny little "end of the birthday gift $$" item in the shopping cart - Lucinda Guy's new book. It is delightful! I love the cute illustrations (the teacher in me) and the stuffed toys. Some of the items are a bit intimidating b/c of all the colorwork involved (and I've not advanced beyond striping), but it's a goal for next year. And now I can make my cute nephew a stuffed dog for xmas to go with his dinosaur.

If you want this book, I recommend you buy it from Knitpicks. Amazon said they could not get it when I was trying to order it from them (buttheads), plus it is 32% off at Knitpicks! You only have to buy $15 more to get free shipping!

Also in my Knitpicks package was yarn for DH's felted hat, and a sample ball of the new fingering weight yarn, Palette. I was hoping to use this for the Union Square Market Pullover from Fall IK, but it is a bit scratchy (not that I really expected any differently - it's 100% wool). I think I'll swatch it up for kicks and see how it knits up, and if a cold bath helps out. I ordered "Apricot" and I'm thinking of using "Blush" for the trim, if it knits up nicely. Another thing to add to the list!

OK, the "real" point of the post today (and the title) is this:

A GIANT hole in my ankle sock (does the word ankle look misspelled to anyone else after they look at it a lot?). First, let me say I am loving the pattern, I am loving the short row heel (my first one!), but I am not loving the GIANT hole it left on one side of the ankle. I cannot figure out why the hole appeared. I did not drop a stitch, the crazy fiber eating (only completed objects, and so far no personal knitting) border collie did not get hold of it. It's just there. GIANT. I'm hoping I can kind of fix it, but I'm really not sure how. Is this common in short row heels? GIANT holes? Anybody?

Did I mention that the hole is GIANT? Just checking. Did I mention that I can stick my finger into it? Just checking. GIANT.

GIANT. HOLE. love sock. hate hole. need solution. GIANT.

I apologize for the blurry pictures lately. Don't look blurry until I upload them to the computer. And ineveitably, by then it's dark outside, or I'm too lazy to retake the photo. I'll work on it.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


So the summer blahs have finally gotten to me. Last night, I came home, read blogs, posted, ate dinner, and DID NOT KNIT. Is something wrong with me? Did my fingers fall off? No, I just didn't want to work on any of my current WIPs. And there are no less than 9!! on the needles right now (I know they're not all on the sidebar - I'm working on it!).

It's just too damn hot to knit with wool, which are most of the projects. (And DH has been home for two nights in a row, and I can't have TV control when he is home. Must work on knitting area for bedroom - where the other TV lives).

I did receive a package today from - Vogue Knitting Socks and Socks Two. I have to give props to Overstock - they are making a concerted effort to have their prices lower than Amazon's - though their $1 shipping is ending as we speak.

I think I'm off to peruse the knitting books - if you can't carry all of your knitting books to the living room in one trip, do you have too many?

Hmmmm, maybe I want to knit on the clappy.......

Monday, August 29, 2005

I Do

I Do
Originally uploaded by jenn_tx.
Lace doesn't make for the best car knitting. Especially if your spouse thinks you should be making conversation with him.

This is all I managed to accomplish all weekend, though in my defense I did not knit on the return trip, and I kept putting it down yesterday as it was too hot to knit with wool/wool-blends.

I did manage a few rounds on the pinwheel baby blanket in the dark Friday night, and started and ripped the Ruffles scarf. I think I've figured out wrap and turn, but I'll probably work on I Do tonight.

Anybody want to keep DD for me for 50 minutes after school so I don't have to pay the Y hundreds of dollars to keep her for less than 5 hours/week?

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Last Picture Show

No, not the end of photos. A detour on our trip. For years, we have been driving through Wichita Falls, TX on our way to CO (or on our way to the bike ride) and every time, we pass the turn off for Archer City. Home of novelist Larry McMurtry, and his four building bookstore, I've always wanted to go. This time, we made it.

Archer City is also where The Last Picture Show was shot. The theater is still standing.

We stayed with Jen's dad in Olney, TX. Olney is the home of the "One Arm Dove Hunt." Seriously. And they take it seriously, as you can see.

Is it just me, or does the guy on the left look like his arm is tucked into his shirt?


A shout out to Wendy for answering my question. Thanks!

Knitting content to return tomorrow. BTW, I tried to start "Ruffles" from Scarf Style, and I'm not sure I'm understanding the "wrap and turn" part. Any helpful hints?

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Home again, home again, jiggedty jig

We survived the weekend. DH did this. I did, well, I slept. And knit. But in my defense, I have done the ride before, but lack of bike time this year made me not want to kill myself.

But we arrived home to some very glad to see us puppies, and TWO packages! One from my good friend Lea, a late birthday gift (her birthday is the day before mine!), full of cute goodies - drink charms, bracelets, notepads. Cute!

And one from the lovely folks at Amazon. Since two of my birthday gifts were duplicates, and one I just didn't like as much as I thought I would, I had DH return them. And then, with refund $$ and birthday $$ in hand, I ordered. This is batch one: A Gathering of Lace (which I love, and has a great mixture of lace projects), Folk Socks (which has some really nice patterns as well), Socks, Socks, Socks (which has some blech patterns, and others I really like), 50 Baby Bootees to Knit (which is SO cute), and Vintage Knits (mostly stuff I like).
I also bought Adorable Knits for Tots w/ my Michael's 40% off coupon. So cute!

I have to get busy for all these babies coming into my life!

Trip pictures tomorrow!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday FO

light and lacy shawl
Originally uploaded by jenn_tx.
The "Light and Lacy" Shawl has been finished and blocked.

Pattern - From the Knit Knack Kit - Light and Lacy Shawl.
Yarn: Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Kid Mohair in Purple (I lost the ball band....sorry)
Needles: Susan Bates US 8's Circulars
Started: June 18
Finished: August 25 (with LOTS of time not working on it.
Comments: Really small. I did end up with a bit of yarn left over, but I had no idea how far I could make it until I ran out, so at one point I just did the last bit of the pattern and cast off. It did get bigger with blocking, but is WAY too small for an adult. And I don't like purple. So, 1 x-mas gift done, only 5, 678 left! (BTW, it will be for DD)

This was my first "real" blocked object. I did block my blanket square, but it was real little. I did it on the bed, a la the Harlot. The puppy decided that the tomato pincushion was a dog toy.....hmmm. I hope he didn't eat any pins while I was out drinking last night!

Must go pack for Wichita Falls......pack the knitting of course, who cares what I wear all weekend?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I'm very jealous. A few days ago Rachael posted news of an upcoming bluegrass fest. I tell DH the list of performers - he says "When is it?" I say "first weekend in October - we could go for our anniversary" ..... he drops the bomb - My BIL and SIL (I call her that 'cause she is family, they've been together for longer than we have - life just keeps getting in the way of a wedding) are getting married that weekend. Drat.
So instead we're going to see The Decemberists next month. Woot!

Oh, and how excited am I that the lovely folks at the Netflix brought this to my house yesterday! Now, the real question is, can I get through 7 dics of this before Season 3 starts September 8?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tour de Provision Topographique du Conte

LYS Tour (apologies to all for my French. It's been awhile).

So yesterday my friend/long-lost twin/fellow knitter Jen and I headed out to our favorite LYS Simpatico Yarns in Bedford. While they don't have a huge selection, they are very nice and my DH braved the yarn to buy me a GC for the BDay. Had to spend it, right?
En route, I remembered that they are closed on Monday :(. We reevaluated, discussed the option of Hobby Lobby/Michaels/JoAnn's, but she really wanted to get "real" yarn for the next project. We didn't want to drive to Plano, so against my better judgement we headed for Yarn Heaven.

WARNING - If you don't want to hear a LYS horror story, stop reading now.

When I called DH to let him know of the change in plans, he said "oh, your *favorite* (insert sarcasm here) place.

Let me back up - a few months ago Jen and I visited here. I wasn't terribly impressed. The yarns didn't seem to be arranged in any sort of fashion, there was A LOT of "fun" yarns, and many of the items on display looked like they might be older than I was. I wasn't really impressed with the service also, and the prices seemed kind of high. Also, they practice "minimum purchase" rules - you must spend $25 to use your credit card. This is against Visa/MC's rules (and after yesterday, I'm thinking of being a tattle tale).

I then read many reviews of the store, I found that my sentiments were not off base. And, I found out that my kiddo is NOT WELCOME even though she is learning to knit! Why would I shop somewhere that doesn't allow kids to follow their creativity?

So. We go. They've rearranged things. It seems easier to shop (though not cheaper!). We're not really helped, but in their defense, we did say we were browsing. Jen goes to check out (I can't buy the one skein of Lorna's I wanted, as I didn't have cash ($25 rule) - their loss, things go downhill. It takes FOREVER for the employee to get the system up and running. Then she can't find the "number" on the yarn to enter it (I assume so they can take it out of inventory). Then she rings up 5 needles (instead of 4) all at the same price (although they were all different). When Jen points this out, she says "Oh, the 5 is for the yarn." Jen has to show her that there are 2 fives. Then they don't take AmEx. Then they can't get her card to swipe, so she took it as a sign and we left. With nothing.

Also, while we were there, an elderly woman came in looking for help finding a pattern for a shrug/bolero. She kept trying to describe the item, and all the employee did was hand her "Wrap Style" and her binder of patterns. The woman kept trying to explain what she wanted, and the employee said "Yeah, those are popular. You might look in a magazine." So. Helpful. Then she went right back to mopping, only half listening as the woman kept trying to explain. Eventually she left too. Empty handed.

We got outside and Jen said "We're never coming here again." I agree.

I hate to bash a place that sells me crack, er fiber, but I feel like y'all should know before you go!

However, I am happy to say that we had a much better experience later. We tried to visit Jenningstreet yarns in FW (no website), but the door was locked and the sign said "back at 10." But it was 1. So we headed to Cabbage Rose.

I've been here a few times, but never bought anything. They had a little bit of yarn, mostly Noro and other items out of my price range. But they've changed. The knitting section is now quite a bit larger, and hopefully will continue to grow as they apparently just bought the space next door. They carry all the Debbie Bliss, Rowan, Noro, Adrienne Vittadini, some Mission Falls, Classic Elite, Sidar and Regia. They have a lot more needles and notions (all noticeably cheaper than Yarn Hell and some even cheaper than Joann's!). They also carry the Rowan and Noro and Debbie Bliss books/mags (and they have a bunch on sale right now! Rowan for $5! Run!). They didn't seem to have an employee that was "in charge" of the knitting area, but all were very friendly and helpful (and I LOVE their fabric. Makes me drool). I'm hoping that they continue to expand (esp. b/c this store is VERY close to my house), and keep their prices so good.

So, what did I buy? Only this. But how cute?! Found at Michael's (waiting for Yarn Hell to open) for $1/each.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Stick a Fork in me

Sockapal2za socks
Originally uploaded by jenn_tx.
I'm Done!

Look - it's a bird, it's a plane, it's finished socks!

Sockapal2za socks
Pattern: Mine, but used some measurements from The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns (which I LOVE!).

I CO 72 st and ribbed the leg and top of the foot.
Needles: 5 Susan Bates DPN's in Sz 1
Yarn: Sock it to me Collection - Colori in Harlequin colorway from Elann. Just about 1 1/2 skeins.

Details - I did a shorter leg length - I don't personally like a long one. I also continued the ribbing down a little farther than "normal" on the toe. I have to say that I think this is the best kitchenered toe I've ever done. It actually looks like it does in the books! My cast on edge is a little looser on one sock than the other, but not too noticable, I think.

I would show you an "action" photo, but they are too small for me and I don't want to stretch them out. I REALLY hope they fit my pal - I followed her shoe/foot size measurements, but they do seem small. DD thinks they look funny 'cause the foot is longer than the leg.

These socks were a bit of a trial. And I can't figure out why the striping on the leg is not the same on both socks - I guess a difference in the skeins. But it looks pretty close.

I have one more little thing to do for my pal, and I want to wash the socks, and then they will (patiently) await September 15, when they move to their new home in ........ .

Not much other knitting has been completed due the sock-finishing-frenzy. But there may have been a LYS jaunt/tour today. More on that tomorrow.

Oh, and my left ring fingertip is numb, I think from holding the needles during the toe decreases last night. Anyone else experience this problem? Solutions?

And we're off to Wichita Falls this weekend - anyone know of a LYS there?

Sunday, August 21, 2005

It's my party and I'll drink if I want to

Happy Birthday to us!
We had a wonderful time at the party last night. We have amazing friends (some of whom couldn't be there and we missed you!) who spoil us rotten.

We hauled it in this year. I'm excited to say, that among the awesome gift cards, we also got The O.C. (OK, this one is really for ME!), The Daily Show Indecision 2004 featuring an alternate ending - Kerry wins! and Bride & Prejudice (which is SO good - rent it today if you haven't seen it!).

We also got The New Pornographers, Flyin' Shoes on vinyl, and Mississippi John Hurt on vinyl (those last two are really for DH).

There were burgers and dogs, lots of chips and general snackies, margaritas (yum!) and DH made two kinds of cake - flourless chocolate and carrot. SO good.

Too bad that we have to wait another year to celebrate.......

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Leapin' Lizards

Words that you never want to hear: "Jenn, there's a lizard in my room."
First thought - How would you know? You can't SEE THE FLOOR in your room. But I put down the knitting and follow her down the hall.
Second thought - It's just a gecko. Ha Ha. She points under her art table, and I see nothing. I move one of the piles of clothes, and something runs (OK, I admit it, I jumped. It startled me!). I clear the area so it has nothing to run behind and find a box. As I'm trying to put the box on top of it, it runs into her closet.
How I wish I had a picture of this closet. It is very small, but CRAP is EVERYWHERE. I start throwing clothes, shoes, misc junk out of the closet and finally find the lizard. I get him trapped in the box (after two failed attempts during which I managed to pick him up by the leg - ouch) and carry him outside. I turn the box over on the ground, and he won't get out! I manage to shake him free and he just sits there. Hmmmmm, blog photo? Sure!

Isn't he cute? He was about 3 inches, and was missing his tail. He is a Fence Lizard, and you can read more about him here.

Must clean the house now to prepare for the PARTY!
I'm sure silly photos will be forthcoming.
Oh, and there has been knitting, but nothing of note. Yet.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

What do you do when there's nothing to do?

John Glick Blanket Square
Originally uploaded by jenn_tx.
Or, "Do I have a big Djibouti to you?"

DH and I were playing Oxford Dilemma last night, and one of the words he had to spell was "Djibouti." When he asked me to use it in a sentence, this is what he got. Haha. We watched Word Wars on Tuesday, and this has led to a fascination with all things word related. We played Scrabble (or Scramble as DD likes to call it) on Wednesday afternoon. He's very disappointed that the only way to get the "official" tournament dictionary is through the National Scrabble Assocation (and yes, you have to be a member).

We haven't sunk to the level of some people though! :)

Oh yeah, knitting. Well, from my lovely, er, washed out photo (even with no flash and in DAYLIGHT) you can see that I'm doing my thang for the John Glick Memorial Blanket. I wasn't going to make anything, 'cause, ya know, I have no skilz, but when I read Annie's desperate post I felt like I had to help out (and get over my fear of actually, sort of, well, designing something BY MYSELF). So I got out my lovely Harmony Guide to Knitting (that, sadly is OOP) and looked at pictures. I made a gauge swatch and determined that with sz 7 needles I needed about 48 stitches. The pattern I chose was in multiples of seven, five times seven is 35, with six garter stitch stiches on each side, that makes 47! Close enough! See, my seventh grade pre-algebra teacher was wrong! I CAN do maths!

Apart from one minor incident when I decided that two rows of the border needed to be stockinette instead of garter stitch (10 rows after I had passed them - hey, that's what ya get when you knit and play Scrabble~), and I couldn't fix it, so it got ripped. I did stay up until 1 am because I was just sooooooo close to finishing it. It will go off in the lovely mail tomorrow. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Specs: John Glick Blanket Square
Pattern: me - central "motif" is the "Vertical Zigzag Moss Stitch with a six stitch wide garter stitch border (ten rows bottom, eight top - i was running close to 8 inches)
Yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Bluebonnet
Needles: Sz 7 Susan Bates circs
Started and Finished on Wednesday August 17.

I also started I Do for my future SIL. I had to move up to Sz 8's to get gauge, and I was using 4 DPN's, but with all the yo's and K2tog, I was not doing well straddling the needles. So I am on a hunt for a sz 8 16" circ (none of my craft stores have one, and my LYS is 30 min away. I'll probably end up ordering one). So it has been frogged and is waiting patiently to be re-started. It was going well so far, I hadn't had any trouble, but I was about to start the decreases. We'll see. I'll keep ya posted.

So, this was day four of "I have no job." Of course, I have plenty of housework (and knitting and reading!), and the DD to get to and from school everyday. But I'm wondering what y'all do when you have a free day. And housework and knitting don't count. Of course you do those things. Anything special?

Oh, and I absolutely CANNOT wait to make one of these fish blankets. I luuuuuuurve them. Luckily, I came across a FREE online pattern for them (since the magazine is long OOP and HTF). It is here.

I want one of these too. But modified to be more like Colleen's. Isn't it lurverly?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

BW haul, take one

BW haul, take one
Originally uploaded by jenn_tx.
Am I lucky or just greedy? This photo seems like a bit too much, and we're only through 3 days of BW. Yikes.

Today, from DD, 25 Bags to Knit, which I'm not sure I'll be keeping. It has two basic patterns and each of the bags seems to be a variation on these. I'd rather have a sock book.
From momma: a knitting stand that has cute puppies and kittens on it and that little pink bag at the top. Cute.
From DH: Knit Scarves and The Vogue Knitting Companion book.

It is two other special people's birthdays today: my cat, and my old man (dog). Both were adopted on my birthday (2 years apart), so we sort of celebrate for them too, as we don't know when they were actually born.

What? Actual knitting content? You want some? Well, you'd think, that with all this time off, I'd have finished all those projects by now. Haha. But I am off to seam up a wee little mousie and stuff it with catnip for someone.....

Monday, August 15, 2005

Birthday Week, Day Two

Wow, I love these original titles......

I was hoping to have a completed "that which shall not be named," but sadly, it is not completed. Maybe tomorrow!

And, I was hoping to have pictures of the BW stash (thus far), but it is raining and dark outside. Maybe tomorrow!

Here's what I hauled today: A subscription to my favorite magazine (right now!) from DH! So excited! It will come in the mail! I will get the special "subscriber only" patterns! Woo Hoo!!

From my Brother and SIL: Another addition to my collection.(My family only likes these movies a little bit. Really, just a smidge. We are only known to quote them on rare, er, daily occasions.) (DH is pissed, as he also got this for me, but I get to exchange it for something else!)

And, from mom. Boy does she spoil me. Sometimes, you DO get what you ask for (even when you really think, hell, I'll just put this on the list. She won't pay retail for it when she might be able to get it at the sale next year!). Isn't it pretty? And yes, I got it in that lovely brown. It is GREAT. it has an adjustable strap, three "outside" pockets that are under the flap, and two inside pockets, a hard bottom, and a back zippered pocket. I LOVE IT. My old messenger bag was looking pretty bad, and had only one small inner pocket. This can fit my laptop (for those few occasions it acutally goes out of the house these days), and has room for a WIP. I absolutely cannot wait to venture out tomorrow with my new bag!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Birthday Week, Day One

So some background. DH and I have birthdays back to back (8/16 and 8/17) and we always kind of felt like our birthday was lost in the others. We only had one family birthday dinner, only one "out to eat" birthday dinner, and sometimes exchanged gifts at the same time. To combat this, we decided this year that we would have birthday week.
Birthday week begins today, Sunday, with family dinner, and ends Saturday with a big party at our house. To keep the excitement going, we get to open one present every day from each other, and those from others as we see them, and on Saturday.
Because I know y'all care, I'll share the riches with you each day.
Today, from my FIL - $25. Hmmmmm, which knitting book/yarn to buy?
From my SIL and BIL (for both of us) a big George Foreman Grill (which, frankly, we might exchange)
From my MIL (and it's a great haul b/c DH picked out everything): This which I already have and will be exchanged for this(probably). I also got this which I've been wanting. I loved the first one. I had to pry this out of my BIL's hands when we left. I also got this which I am excited to read, and will probably start tomorrow. And finally, the piece de resistance, this which is one part joke, and one part actually enjoyable. The band is made up of members of this band who wrote this song which DH and I quite enjoy.

And, from DH, who indulges my whims and general weirdness, tickets to see the one and only. One for me and one for my MIL (who also has a soft spot for him, and unlike me, has gotten to see him before!). Words cannot describe how excited I am to get to see him (and sing along, of course!). Now to find a spangly shirt to wear......

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Okey Dokey. I've avoided it all summer. I've even written it down a few times and decided that it's just not blog material. But I can't take it anymore. And, since today was my last day (HURRAH!), here ya go.

Retail Rant:

First, let me preface this by saying that I FIRMLY believe that EVERYONE should have to work in some sort of retail/service/food establishment for at least six months, early in their life/work, so that they understand HOW TO TREAT PEOPLE.

Rules of Retail Etiquette (sp?):
1. Treat "the help" like you would like to be treated. If you are rude to me, don't be surprised when I don't bend over backward to help you.
2. Remember, we are here to provide you a service, not to wipe your ass. We cannot read your mind, change policies, etc at our whim. Don't ask.
3. If I say "It's store policy" don't ask me why. I didn't create the rules. My job is to enforce them (if need be) and follow them. Period. I cannot change something for you. You are not special. And don't you understand that if I make an exception for you, I have to make that exception for the person behind you who just heard you get away with something?
4. It is not MY fault if we do not have something in stock. Please do not take it out on me. See Number 1 and 2 for further clarification.
5. Please, please, please respect the other customers in the store. DO NOT walk up to the cash register as I am helping another customer and butt in and ask a question. It is NOT YOUR TURN. I know you would be quick to complain if someone did it to you, so please, don't do it to someone else. Find another employee to harass, or wait until I am finished with the customer in front of me.
6. When it is your turn at the cash register, please be ready to check out. Taking five minutes to decide if you want an item while others are waiting is RUDE. So is taking five mintues to find your money/credit card/checkbook. Be prepared.
7. DO NOT be offended when I ask to see your ID when paying by check. It is REQUIRED. Additionally, do not YELL at me when I ask to see your ID when you pay with an UNSIGNED credit card. Hell, it was our store's policy to ask EVERYONE for their ID if they were paying by credit card. We're trying to keep YOU safe. And, to the particularly bi**hy customer last week, it IS NOT illegal to ASK for your ID. So back off.
8. DO NOT tell me how to do my job. Would you like it if I came to your house and criticized how you raised your kids? Who works here? Who do you think knows more about where items are shelved, you or me? And I don't care if you don't agree with our placement of an item. I'm just here to tell you where to find it.
9. Try to find an item first. God gave you a brain. When you had a kid did you ask the doctor where it's butt was? No, you LOOKED FOR IT. I am happy to help if you have made a good faith effort. But walking in the door and asking where a section is that is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU is just LAZY.
10. Finally, do not assume that just because I am working at said establishment I am somehow beneath you. You know nothing about me. You assume that I am some dimwit who can't find their own butt to wipe, instead of someone who has worked retail for TEN years, who has a vast knowledge of what they are selling, and, to top that all off, is about to finish not one, but TWO master's degrees. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Rant over. No exciting knitting content today. Trying desperately to finsh DH's socks before Birthday Week begins tomorrow. More on that later.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Haircuts and Humpdays

DD's Knitting Picture
Originally uploaded by jenn_tx.
Ahhh, how nice it feels to have all that hair off of my neck! DD and I went in for our "back to school" cuts today - hers is about 6 inches shorter (and very cute) and I just got a trim.

Having trouble facing the idea of work today....

Could not get excited about knitting last night. Tried to work on DH's sock while watching "Twin Peaks" Season One (from the netflix), but could not get interested in either. (I never saw Twin Peaks in its first incarnation b/c the parentals didn't allow us to watch such things. People have been telling me to watch it for years. It's just not my bag baby.)

So I cleaned the house instead. At 11 pm. Because, as DH put it today "You're a woman. You're nuts." Thanks, dear.

I did find and organize some of my loose patterns and clean up the yarn stash (some new additions hadn't gotten properly stored).

On Sunday, during the finishing spree, I finished reading "Relic." It was quite enjoyable. Now I am faced with a difficult decision - continuting reading "Middlemarch" or start something new......hmmmmm. Need something portable to read at work tonight too.......

Oh, I almost forgot. DD drew this picture for me sometime last week. Those large green sticks are the knitting needles and the blue blob is the knitting. She put it in that little frame that I gave her a few years ago. It now lives on my desk. The back of the picture says "sticht."

Fighting the urge to start new project.....

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

How the hell is is only Tuesday?

Tuesday: It's the new Monday, only worse because you had to work yesterday!

I had to work today. At 9 am. After getting home from work last night at 11 pm. And going to bed at 1 am. And answering the doorbell at 6:45 am. I'm tired. And it's only Tuesday.

My day was pretty sh**ty. Long. Tired. Annoying boss. Fight with DH on the telephone (in which he proceeds to tell me - after I tell him that I cannot talk - people who need my attention in front of me - that we have no electricity. No internets. No phone. No lights. And, of course, no AC. Why do we have no electricity? Well, hell, he doesn't know. And did he call to report the outage? Of course not. We have electricity now, thank God). And just as I am only 7 short minutes from going home I hear news about a co-worker's baby (who had been in the ICU for over a week) that makes me sad and angry and I almost started to cry right there in front of him. It's really too horrible to talk about.

However, the Harlot's day was pretty bad too.

Perhaps we should just skip Tuesday next week? Oh, no, not next week. 'Cause it's my BIRTHDAY! Maybe the week after that.

Monday, August 08, 2005

The finishing line, part 2

Sophie post-felting
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Sophie joins us for this post, her insides stuffed with towels, so she can keep her lovely shape. Isn't she lovely (cue Miss America music here.....)? She may actually force me to have a monogamous relationship with a bag (for a few days at least).

Pattern: Sophie
Yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Mist - 1 1/2 skeins
Needles: Sz 10 1/2 Clover Bamboo Circs and Sz 10 1/2 Brittany DPNs.
Started: Friday July 22
Finished: Sunday August 7

I think Sophie is lovely. She is my first felted project (I don't consider the LB purse as a felted project, since it didn't felt), and I am in love. Someone else is in love too....

DH went to get Sophie from the washing machine (I was in the middle of a row!) and when I went to see what was taking so long, he was fondling (!) her in the garage (where the lovely instruments of laundry live). He hid her from me until he got closer and I just couldn't believe my eyes! It's magic, the felting!
His words: "It doesn't even look knitted!" (Is this a bad thing, or a good thing?) "Can you felt a hat?" "I want a felted hat, it's so cool!"

I tried to tell him that I could teach him to knit and he could make his own hat, but I think that my cries fell on deaf ears. He has chosen the colors for his hat and I think it may be a surprise Christmas gift.

Have I won him over to the dark side yet?

(BTW, I have to say that I am totally impressed with the Knitpicks yarn. Two items finished, and lovely! I can hardly wait to try out my lovely sock yarn and laceweight yarn. And they have all these new yarns to try too!)

Sunday, August 07, 2005

The finishing line

Fiery Bolero
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So, today brought the arrival of not one, but TWO finished objects! Yippee!

First to be finished was the lovely Fiery Bolero, seen here with the dress it is planning to be worn with on Friday.

Pattern: Fiery Bolero by Debbie Bliss - Summer '05 IK
Yarn: Knitpicks Shine in Blush
Needles: Clover Bamboo Circs - Sz 3 for edging, Susan Bates Circs - Sz 5 for body.
Started: July 29
Finished: August 7
Mods: none

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this yarn. It is sooooooooo soft. And pretty pink. It did "shed" a bit, but nothing major. I only ended up using 4 1/2 skeins, not the six the pattern called for. The extra yarn will be used to make this for some friends who are adopting a little girl from China later this year. DH really wants a cute hat for her, and when I found this pattern, we couldn't resist. I am going to sub yellow for the brown in the pattern and add some duplicate stitches for sprinkles.

I liked this pattern - it was fairly easy to follow and I liked that I only had a little seaming to do. I'd love to try to modify the pattern into more of a sweater, but I'm not sure I'm that good yet! I'd settle for long sleeves and having it come down a bit further, which may be doable. We'll see. I have plenty on my "what to knit" list.

Sophie is finished too, but I'm saving her photo op for tomorrow - hey, I have to spread out the blog fodder here!

Friday, August 05, 2005


Not much going on in this neck of the woods. Sophie saw a little action Wednesday night due to an error in the short-rowing of the bolero - I couldn't watch "Hitch" and pay attention to the yarn at the same time. So sue me.
She now has all of her rows done and bound off, and has 1/2 of one handle. (Love the I-cord - first time for it. Lovely)

Only 2 rows to go and the ribbing for the neck/front portion of the bolero will be done (and the binding off of 270 stitches!) Then have to rib the back and sleeves. Really wanted this to be a one week knit, but babysitting for the nephews two days kinda put a kink in my plans (that and all the ripping).

So, for lack of any other excitement, I leave you this. Amazing how accurate these things are sometimes.

You are dishcloth cotton.
You are Dishcloth Cotton.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Say hello to Sophie

Originally uploaded by jenn_tx.
This is Sophie - and she is feeling neglected. She only needs 10 rows and a handle and she is ready for the washing machine. Sadly, Sophie has been resigned to the basket to wait her turn.

Because we're all bolero all the time baby!

The bolero is finished minus the ribbing and that is going well so far. I've never done sort rows before, so I'm a bit nervous about all that business.

The "hug shrug" got itself frogged a few days ago - I just didn't like the yarn (LB Chenille) I was using for it. It may get swapped over at Knitty.

Oh, and that which shall not be named may or may not have its picture over on the sidebar. Warning: looking directly at the picture may cause the knitting to spontaneously combust.

Monday, August 01, 2005

I'm Knitting as Fast as I Can

Bolero back
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Finally, a picture!

Here is the fiery bolero back reclining in the non-sunshine this morning. This picture does not do justice to the pinkness of the yarn. Since the photo op, I have knitted rapidly on the left front of the blob. However, I have done all of the increasing, and I'm 1/2" short of what the pattern says. I guess I'll just work in st st until it is long enough - I certainly don't want to be cutting off the blood flow to my arm. Bad bad thing.

Had a scary moment a little while ago when Cassidy (crazy Border Collie) caught her tags (on her collar) between two of the boards on the deck. How she got stuck I don't know, but I couldn't unstick the collar. I had to unclip it to free her and in the deck it remains. Perhaps DH can remove it in the daylight.

All of a sudden I feel under pressure to complete certain projects by certain deadlines - and it's not even Christmas yet! Here I was feeling all confident - making my "what to knit" list two weeks ago, starting to plan the yarn purchases for the Christmas gifts - and now I have the bolero to finish, a gift for my soon-to-be SIL, two baby gifts, oh, and that which shall not be named. Yikes.

Day off tomorrow. May venture to House of Crack for some fibery purchases. I'd really like to find a flattering skirt pattern to make my own skirts - it is a pain in the ass to find one that fits well. Any suggestions?