Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Git yer booty here!

I got my booty swap package today! Nothing like coming home to a package on the porch - I love that!

My pal was the wonderful Michelle (go visit her and see her beautiful finished sockpal socks! I hope she's got my name for that swap too!).

My box was decorated with some pirate stickers, which made me smile! And, in something that I thought was a bit Twilight Zone-ish, she wrapped her pacakges nearly identical to how I wrapped mine! She used bandanas and I used tissue paper, but she labeled each item, as did I, and our labels were almost the same! Creepy......

And apparently I can't take a decent picture to save my life, but here are my goodies - some oh-so-lovely Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Mixed Berries (soooo pretty!), a "pirated" CD mix, a book I've been curious about, an orange to ward off scurvy, a (knitted!) eye patch (on the orange!), and some treasurechocolate. (Several of these have already been consumed - yum!).

Thank you so much Michelle! I hope you got just as spoiled as you spoiled me!

This is really fun for me too, as the only swap I had done before was last summer's sockpal swap - no secret pals or anything, as I don't really have that kind of cash on hand. But this is fun! I can see the attraction, but I think I'll stick to these smaller, themed swaps - it's a challenge to scour your local haunts for themed treats!

Oh - and didn't I promise y'all knitting content? Well, I've got some! I finished up the body of the bulky V-neck sweater last night - knitting flies when you're using US 17 needles! I also did my first split/splice join - I hope it holds up! On to the front - cross your fingers that I have enough yarn!

And I've been a bit bad - my pink sock is still stalled at the start of the gusset (I haven't picked up stitches yet), and while the P-word socks were in time-out Saturday, I started a new sock. Nothing like that new sock feeling - it feels so comfortable to rib the cuff and then go round and round and round..... My first cotton sock too - so far I'm loving it!

I did get a fair bit of progress done on the P-word socks the past few days - I'm ready to do the heel flap and I'm LOVING this pattern! It's very intuitive after you get the hang of it, which I like. I can only hope that I can blaze through this much sock consistently for the next few days and finish these babies off! I'm starting to think that lace follows the same rule as Fair Isle - somehow it goes faster than "plain" knitting!

To wrap up - Trek - I've decided to name the lamb Larry. Something about the name "Larry the Lamb" really appeals to me - Dork!

And yeah, the bag is still there. Are you really surprised?


  1. I'm going to have to knit those Potomas socks someday - they're going around blogland like wildfire!

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed the package! It was fun to put together for you. I love the P-whatever socks...I may be doing those soon!

  3. "Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life" is pretty great, and the P-socks are awesome. Love the color!