Saturday, July 30, 2005

Think Pink

I'm doing it! Racing for the finish line, that is! I cast on last night for the Fiery Bolero (from IK Summer 05) when my replacement copy arrived in the mail! I'm using Knit Picks Shine in Blush. It is very pink and pretty!

It's funny to me this new love for pink I have. I have several pink t-shirts, pink Chucks, a pink's taking over!

On Sunday, while I was knitting with Jen (she wanted to learn to knit socks!), she commented "I hate that I'm wearing a pink shirt, carrying a pink bag and knitting with pink yarn." But hey, she matched!

DH and I went on a bike ride this morning. I have set a personal goal for myself, and if I reach it I get this. Isn't it pretty?

Thursday, July 28, 2005

ADD Knitter


"That which shall not be named" (the sock) may or may not have been restarted, and may or may not be knitting up pretty and may or may not be completely without pattern/direction/sense (and it may or may not fit!). Don't want to say too much here as to not anger the knitting goddess.

In other news.....

During the few days of hell, I mean, last week/weekend, I started a new project. Hey, I had to have some distraction from "that which shall not be named." It's this.
I'm using this in the "mist" color. I looooooooooove it! The yarn is so pretty and much softer than I expected. I'm not done yet because all other knitting has been put aside for "that which shall not be named."

In other avoidance news - ALL of the WIPs saw some action in the last few days. Wow. Even the cat bed - as DH noted "that thing hasn't been worked on for a year!" OK, so not THAT long. But I get his point.

It has been determined that I have fabulous taste. See? Everyone knows that great minds think alike. I'm in the cool club now baby!


I have a fancy schmancy dinner to go to two weeks from tomorrow. Have to be dressed up, DH is wearing his suit...what to wear, right? I have a lovely black strapless dress from the Gap that I bought as my "leaving the wedding" outfit last year. It actually fits (due to built in bra!), but it is pretty simple. I'm thinking that the Fiery Bolero from the summer IK in the lovely pink Knitpicks shine I purchased just for it might be the answer. Two problems: 1) Two weeks from tomorrow..... 2) My summer IK has gone AWOL. Thankfully a replacement is en route thanks to a lovely Knitty swaper. But not here yet.
Can I make it by Friday August 12? Perhaps "that which shall not be named" could take a mini break.....

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Socks suck

Dear Sock Pal,
Hi! How are you? Things here in Texas are fine - some nice rain today, lower temperatures, very nice. We have had NO INTERNET (DSL) and NO PHONE SERVICE for about 36 hours - but hey, who needs to check their emails/blogs/etc constantly? Not me. No. And in that nice rain this morning, yeah, that messed up the dish, so no TV either.

So I settle in for a nice day of knitting, listening to the rain (and the whines of "I'm bored), maybe reading (books, not blogs!)....things quickly deteroriate.

First, some back story. I started on your socks the day we got home from vacation (July 17). I had taken all my sock books and patterns with me to chose a worthy candidate. This was a very difficult decision - I was using a multi-colored yarn, so this affected my pattern choice. I decided on the Unst pattern from Knitting on the Road. I cast on, started motoring along, and after I passed the cuff, decided that I didn't like the way the color lined up on the pattern. So I decided no, not the pattern for me.

So I decided on Broadripple - spent much time getting gauge (as I did for the first pattern), and then knitted away. Sadly, when I tried on the sock after a few rows, as I feared, it was much too big. And I didn't like the way the colors were lining up (again).

So, I reverted to the original pattern I was going to use. I had avoided this pattern for two reasons: 1) Cable cast on - don't know how to do this, but I decided to learn. 2) Toe up - never done a sock this way, but I can learn. Had to get gauge again (hmm, will I learn to a)write this down or b) remember it?). I cast on. The cable cast on - easy peasy. The dividing the stitches onto the different needles and trying to create the "tube" - cause for much cursing.....and ripping.

More pattern searching. Settled on the Straight Laced pattern from Knit Socks. Had to get gauge AGAIN. (hating myself now) Cast on - chugging along. Didn't like the way the colors lined up. Ripped it out.

Fast forward to today:

Found pattern from Nicola. Seemed easier than first chevron pattern. HAD TO GET GAUGE AGAIN. Cast on - oooppps, too big. Went down a needle size - looked better - oooooohhhhhhh look at the way the colors are lining up - likey. Start the "pattern" portion of our program. Didn't like the way the colors lined up. Ripped back to the cuff - decided to just st st the sock - the color would be the "pattern." Uh oh. In st st the cool color line up didn't work. Damn it. Hate the sock.

Rip all the way out. Going to go generic - 2x2 ribbing. That's it. No fanciness. Cast on (Screw Gauge). Stitches get twisted. Take it as a sign. Rip it out. Put it aside.

2)Next year I'm using solid colored yarn.

So, in conclusion, I'm just under a wee bit of stress/pressure/house arrest due to the sock and its impending deadline (really, Alison meant September 15, 2006, right?) Hmmm, you might have socks by then - if they haven't taken me off to the funny farm.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Oh yeah, there is "lit" in the title of this blog

There may or may not have been new projects started over the weekend. Hmmmm, but no pictures today so no evidence!

Let's talk about books instead. I finished Harry within 24 hours of buying it last weekend. I won't reveal anything, not even my feelings, as to not spoil it for anyone. All I'll say is that Book 7 should be really long, and REALLY good.

I just finished reading my trashy mystery novel. As Alison noted yesterday, it is a little weak - but hey, it's escapist reading, and there's knitting! I have to say it held my attention much better than either this or this, the latter of which I only got through six pages of. The Macomber books are fairly cheesy, but I thought the first one was much better than the "sequel."

On vacation I read The Historian. My friend Jen (who is almost like my double in terms of reading, knitting, and general life taste) didn't like it - thought it too long winded and somewhat poorly written. But I enjoyed the story - I makes me want to go back and really read Dracula.

I vow to finish Middlemarch, and get started on Wives and Daughters (for KTC) and Don Q (for K1R2). I've also got this in the stack, which I have heard good things about, so I'm excited to start it.

Now that I've put y'all to sleep........Sock Pal update tomorrow! I promise!

Saturday, July 23, 2005


I need a new bag - one that can handle both my knitting and my "life." It needs to be big, but not too big. It needs to have pockets. Handles to fit over my shoulder.

I saw a beautiful bag last night at work - it was a sturdy looking rectangle, two outside end pockets, inner small pockets and **best of all*** it was divided inside by an inner zipper pocket. This is what I really want - something to keept the knitting out of the life crap.

I know Nine West made one similar to that within the last year, but to save my life I CANNOT FIND IT anywhere on the internets. I also cannot find this bag that I saw (it was black and white, either floral or toile, canvas/fabric with a checked lining).

I am slowly going mad.

I'll take any suggestions y'all have - I. MUST. HAVE. NEW. BAG.

Friday, July 22, 2005

In which the sock shows off

Sock takes a hike
Originally uploaded by jenn_tx.
So. You've been waiting for it. All week. And here it is. The requisite sock/vacation picture.

The sock here is feeling the spray from Adams Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park. This is a very easy hike (.3 miles) with a very rewarding finish. Much nicer than the earlier hike to Cascade Falls, which, I hate to say, were a bit disappointing. A much longer hike, and not so much falls as rapids.

So yes, the sock went hiking. In fact, the sock was knitted upon while hiking. Yes. While hiking. Thus, DH decided that my new American Indian nickname is "Hikes while knitting." I can live with that. NOTE: If the hike is at all strenuous (as Cascade Falls sometimes was) you will begin to sweat. The sock does not like this and will stick to your fingers. This is a good time to take a break. (So you can knit more, right?)

Because you all care:
is where we stayed. Just outside of this town. Beautiful place. Nice town. Lovely weather. Easy access to loads of hiking, biking, etc. Also right outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. There was a river just behind our cabin (where the puppy spent part of every day fetching his water toy).

Ahhhh, to be back on vacation.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Cleanliness is next to Yarniness

Originally uploaded by jenn_tx.
Lots of excitement here at Chez Jenn (w/apolgies to the Harlot. Last night, in a desperate search for the missing library card (crisis!!) the study got cleaned.

The study is also where the yarn lives, so the yarn enjoyed this experience.

The knitting books have grown enough to need their own space (and in our house of books, that is a big accomplishment!), which they duly received.

The KIR (knitter-in-residence) also organized the current WIP's (all into a delightful basket), as well as the PWFC (projects waiting for completion - this includes DH's first sock, the bottome of the kitty bed and the back of the stripey cardi). She also (finally) put all of her notions into the ladybug. And, she inventoried all of the needles. She has a lot more than she thought she did. Yikes. However, she doesn't have quite as many as some people do.

She was shocked to discover both a floor and a couch hiding the in the study, they have been missing for many moons. She even (wait for it........) bought colored file folders and organized each aspect of Chez Jenn into its own folder/color.

It really is quite shocking.


But the knitting, that's what y'all care about, right?

This (very shady) picture shows us the lovely pinwheel blankie. It is a gift for a fall baby (sorry Laura!) boy.

As those of you who have attempted the PBB know, the casting on was quite a curse filled occasion. But I survived, and was knitting merrily along....when disaster struck. Not one, but TWO mistakes! So I begin ripping back, out come the stitches, out comes the row marker.....oops. No idea where the circle starts now. PBB gets frogged.
But, being a good little knitter (and not a quitter - look I made a rhyme!) I cast right back on. I actually think the second cast on was more difficult than the first. But all is well now in PBB land. This has become the "knit while reading at lunch" project, as it is fairly simple (except when you forget to YO. I'm just saying is all....I wouldn't know anything about that....).

I am currently somewhere in the midst of Heidi's fifth and sixth circles of hell.

Onward, ye PBB knitters!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

All the cool kids are doing it

Originally uploaded by jenn_tx.
Yes. You're correct. I've become "one of them." When they jump off the bridge, I'll be there (although I might be late~). I've done it. I'm knitting this.

And I love it.

The pattern is easy, memorable, and gives me just enough to want to pay attention to it.

I've dropped four stitches so far, and can't wait to get off the computer and head for more. Sooooo pretty. (But already a little warm on my lap - c'mon, its almost 100 here every day!)

I'm using this which is a delight to knit with. My only complaint is that the colors are not very true in their photograph. And they failed to mention the LARGE amount of brown in the yarn. But it is pretty, so I'm not complaining too much.

Can resist no longer. Must go knit.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Originally uploaded by jenn_tx.
We made it. We're home.
Vacation was nice - Colorado, cabin on the river, campfires (smores!), etc.

But it's nice to be home.

There was much eating, card playing, board gaming, reading, and oh, yeah, knitting.

Mom made a dog sweater, when she gets home I'll have her send me a picture so you can see it. She even used DPN's and everything! She's a pro now.

I worked on a few projects, but the first one I started (and finished the same day) was Stegs.

The pattern is very easy to follow. You end up with quite a few pieces before you seam.
Stegs did have to wait until we got home to be stuffed and sewn (I forgot to take the stuffing with me). Here he is reclining on the deck (only for a minute though, too hot to stay outside for long!)

What ya wanna know:
Pattern: Courtsey of xtreme-knitting.

Yarn: Red Heart Sport in Paddy Green - less than 1/2 one skein.

Needles: Size 6 Clover Flex Bamboo.

Started: Monday July 11, Finished same day. Seamed and stuffed Tuesday July 19.

Love, love, love this pattern. Will be making many more of these (esp. since I have over 1 1/2 skeins of yarn left!). Clear directions, and lots of cuteness!

More tomorrow, more pictures, and the sock takes a hike~

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Originally uploaded by jenn_tx.
So, here it is - NOT the finished stripey cardi, but another sweater I have in my closet. I found this shortly after starting the stripey cardi, and thought "Huh. Why am I making something I already have?" In fact, my cardi (not knitted) is closer to the "actual" colors of the pattern (I subbed purple for one of the greens in the pattern). But this cardi has buttons, mine won't. This cardi is 3/4 sleeves, mine will be long sleeved. See, very different!

I'm frantically trying to pack (OK, not so frantically, I'm mostly done). And worry about the puppy who has well, stomach trouble, who is supposed to be going on the trip with us. I'm praying he's not sick, that this is just something he ate.
Before I forget....Does anyone know how to email back people who leave comments on blogger? I cannot figure it out, and it is driving me nuts. I appreciate y'all and don't want you to think I'm ignoring you.

On to the serious matter at hand. I purchased two skeins of this from here during their "firecracker sale" on Saturday. I have enough yardage to make the perfect pie shawl from Weekend Knitting. I also have the pink merino laceweight, and the two laceweight skeins from Knitpicks.
I want to make the perfect pie shawl, perhaps Kiri, and something out of Folk Shawls. But what to use for which project? One of the skeins from Knitpicks is varigated, so that affects my decision. Can't decide. Must decide so I can take something on the trip. Hate decisions. Ideas? Advice? More choices?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Another (partial) FO!

DH first sock
Originally uploaded by jenn_tx.
So, DH's first sock got kitchenered on Monday night - here it is in all of it's "it's about to rain so it's dark outside and this is the best picture mama can take" glory. And, best part, it fits perfectly!

The pattern is from here.

I am a big fan - all I had to do was measure his circumference (of the foot, c'mon, minds out of the gutter!) and viola! Perfectly fitting sock! I have to admit, I was a little nervous to start decreasing for the toe without having him try it on, but I decided it was worth a shot. And it's perfection, have I mentioned that?

He love love loves it, and is impatiently waiting for the second (although it is too damn hot here to even consider wearing socks, especially wool socks).

I am a big fan of the book now. It is so simple to use, and I love that they give you different gauge choices - nice to not force yourself into a corner!

I cast on for the first stripey cardi sleeve yesterday, again with the good knitter behavior (where is that second sock?).

Yesterday was a delightful mail day - new EW, grocery store coupons (I know I'm a nerd, get over it), a knitpicks catalog(!), and bestbestbest part - a 40% coupon for the NEW house of crack, ur, um, Super Joann's.

Three words for house of crack. Oh. My. God. They have everything. It is better than Hobby Lobby and Michael's combined. Wow. They have almost an entire aisle for needles and notions! (Sure, 90% of the yarn appears to be fun fur, but if I don't have to order these things, I might get more done (or just buy more stuff!)).

So, might take a quick jaunt by there today. They have a TON of the fabric I like for my bags, and a great selection of knitting books (I see great hope for the 40% off mailers that sometimes went unused!)

OK, this is a novel. Stopping now. More tomorrow, including a realization about why I might like the stripey cardi even more.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Back to what I was saying...

stripey cardi back
Originally uploaded by jenn_tx.
OK, sorry for the abrupt ending to yesterday's post. Had to run, couldn't be helped. So here is more knitty Jenn goodenss (as I am distinguished by my co-workers, as there are more than one Jenn/Jennifer at work)
This lovely photo is courtsey of our lovely FINISHED stripey cardi back. I am very pleased with it, and the good knitter that I am, I wove in the ends after binding off the shoulders, so I wouldn't have to do all the ends at once. It took me a while, but it looks much more finished with that done, and I don't have to dread it anymore.

In other news: I tried reading Knitting: A Novel. Couldn't get past the fifth page. Just didn't care for it.

I've finished Never Let me Go but have yet to join the discussion on Knit One Read Two 'cause I'm a bad knitter. Maybe today or tomorrow.

OK, must start packing as we leave for nine days on Friday. More knitterly goodness tomorrow!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Good Knitter, Bad Knitter

Knitpicks stash enhancement
Originally uploaded by jenn_tx.
So, I'm still alive. Got very busy last week, and was too lazy to post. So here's a quick "goings-on" post before hot dog eating begins.

I finally posted that picture of the Knitpicks stash enhancement. I got two skeins of color your own in sock weight, four balls of the 100% wool for some felted project - I think it's too blue for me though, six skeins of shine for the Debbie Bliss bolero from Summer IK, Two skeins of the wool for the bag (pink), one skein of shimmer lace weight in "happy dance" (and it does make me do a happy dance!) for a lace project TBD - must order more though, and one skein of the laceweight (blue) for another TBD lace project (must order more of this as well).
Oh, company's here, must run. More tomorrow!