Monday, May 01, 2006

The First of May

For more information on May Day, visit Wikipedia.

Often, on the first of May, I find myself wishing I lived in a time (or town) when we would dance round the Maypole, and sing songs. Dork. Instead, I give you green - our Project Spectrum May color!

Green is not one of my favorite colors (unless it is paired with pink, in which case I suddenly love it!), so I was surprised to see so much of it around my house. I'm going to work hard at this whole idea of showing the color on the blog this month - y'all have to hold me to it! I'm going to aim for one green picture per post. (Even if it's just a picture of the green WIP!)

We'll start off in the backyard - a great place for green this time of year. We've got grass and trees with lovely green leaves - everything (including the weeds!) is thriving thanks to all the recent rain (which is also green on a radar screen!).

I saw this bit 'o green on my way to take the yard photo (excuse the dust - I've been busy knitting).

And I gathered up all my green yarn - not a whole lot, but that green Red Heart is great for making dinos!

My Project Spectrum Green project will be green socks (of course), which I plan to start tonight with Jack Bauer, even though my orange/yellow socks are still lacking a mate. I guess I should be glad I'm only starting one new project today!

Speaking of projects, how did my goals turn out for April? What's coming down the pike for May?

April Goals
1. Finish sockpal socks and mail package - Done!
2. Finish pink socks - Done!
3. Start orange/yellow socks - one done!
4. Finish Chrysalis - Done!
5. V-neck bulky sweater done - Done!
6. Start yellow/green/orange Knitpicks socks - one 1/2 done.
7. Work on inside out sweater - Back done
8. Work on leaf lace shawl - worked on, but ripped
9. Some progress on stripey cardi - not done.
10. Dishcloths for gift - not done due to the "no new projects" rule I created in late April.

Decent progress - I'm proud that I finished two sweaters and two pairs of socks (and one and 1/2 socks!) - I think that's admirable!

May Goals:
1. Finish April socks.
2. Finish Those '70s Socks
3. Start and finish May socks.
4. Finish blue blob.
5. Some progress on stripey cardi.
6. Some progress on inside out sweater.
7. Restart Leaf Lace Shawl Shawl.
8. Dishcloths for gift done.
9. Some progress on pink blob.
10. Some progress on wedding shawl.
11. Restart leaf socks (ripped way back in December).
12. If both sweaters are finished, start new sweater.
13. Spring KAL project.

What was that? Spring KAL project? What KAL? I've been a TERRIBLE hostess. Not much of a KAL, huh? I have wads of excuses (busy, stress, hot weather is not springlike), but I still really want something "springy." I don't think it will be socks now (too warm for those), but I do have a few ideas bouncing 'round my noggin, so we shall see. In the meantime, if you still have any interest in knitting along, let me know in the comments. We'll keep this one open until the first day of summer.

Speaking of KALs - get yer hiney over to The Amazing Lace KAL and sign up! I can't wait as I've already decided that lace is the perfect summer knit (especially here where it could be 100 degrees outside in a few weeks).

OK - off to get a DP and get settled in with my green Opal sock yarn, my needles and my pattern before Mr. Bauer arrives on screen. Any guesses as to what pattern I'm going to use?

Stay tuned tomorrow for EVEN MORE stash enhancement photos, a yarn trek, disappointment and excitement in the mail!


  1. I'm already knitting along, so you can obviously count me in! Love all your green.

  2. Sorry I can't join you for spring - I'm trying to finish up all my winter stuff, still. But I'm getting so excited to knit lace - we can knit lace together in about a month - wahoo!