Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Of Books, TV and, well, Knitting

So, I've been reading a lot lately. This isn't unusual (for those of you who know me!), but I've been in kind of a reading funk lately. I think it's because my time is so precious now, that I hate to choose between knitting and reading, and that I really wasn't excited about any of the newer books. I've been relieved of late to have found some inspiration, if you will, in the book world again.

I read Goodnight Nobody first. I blogged about it earlier, so I won't bore you again.

I finished Rococo on Saturday. Bleh. I was really disappointed. I really enjoyed her Big Stone Gap novels, but boy did this one suck. And I have to pay a fine because I turned it in late to the library (trying to finish it). I guess I just kept hoping it would get good, but alas, my hopes have been dashed. I hear that she's working on another Big Stone Gap book. I might try that one.

On Sunday I finished Cross Bones. Wonderful. Love Kathy Reichs. Have been TiVoing Bones, but have not sadly had a chance to watch it yet. (Due to the millions of other shows I have to watch, but more on that later.) If you haven't read Reichs, begin at the beginning, and read them all!

Also on Sunday I read Princess in Training. No, I'm not ashamed. I've read them all. And they really are good - frank, funny and refreshingly honest. They are not just like the movies either. This one is good - I can tell that Mia is growing up (she talks about SEX! And it doesn't have anything to do with knitting!).

Finally, I've just started Fire Sale, which is great, like all of Sara Paretsky's books (read them all too!), but it must be put aside so that I may attempt to finish The Big Over Easy before it is due back to the library.

Test? What test?

Oh my beloved TV. How I have missed you with all of your new shows this summer. Thank you for returning to me, with even better stuff than last year! All of my favorites are back - Lost, West Wing, Desperate Housewives, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, The O.C., Alias, and my new potential friends, Bones, My Name is Earl and Everybody Loves Chris (now you all know why we have two TiVo boxes.). Thanks to the magic of TNT, in just a few weeks we will get to see all of season 4 of Alias, while we TiVo season 5, before it comes out on DVD! Thank you TNT!
Let me just say - What the hell is that symbol on Lost? And - Logan/Duncan? Help? Love Veronica! SOOOOOO good. More people must watch this show!

Right, the knitting. That's what y'all really come here for, right? Well, the TV time makes for great knitting - I'm on the decrease rows for Clappy, and it is just churning along. It stalled for a bit while I waited for DH to wind the last skein of yarn. And waited. And waited. And then I did it myself during Gilmore last night.
I've been working on a scarf from the fringe Target yarn while reading (picture to come), and I finally pulled DH's second sock out of the basket, thinking I'd find that I had to pick up stitches for the gusset (for some reason I HATE this part),only to find that I was only four rounds out of the decrease after the picking up stitches until I could knit on happily to the toe. And this is GREAT reading knitting. Why didn't I think of this before? I made about 6 inches of progress just on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I hope to have it done early next week (maybe anniversary socks?).

One last note. The superpowers that be sucked me into Target last night (hey, I had to use the gift card I've been saving all summer to get season 4 of Gilmore! and it was only $39.99, with a surprise $5 gift card back! yippee! More Target yarn!). I had to get wedding gifts and too many birthday gifts. Some more yarn may have jumped into the cart too. I'm enjoying the fringe yarn, so I'm thinking it would make quick cute gifts for peeps.
And I found this.

I'll admit - I checked them out when I first heard about them. But $15-$20 for acrylic yarn and plastic needles? No thanks. But $3.78 for it? Hell yeah! Besides, I really wanted the bootie pattern! I'll let you know how it turns out (of course!).

Monday, September 26, 2005

Catching Up Part 1

First: The Decemberists.
We saw them Thursday night, and although I had to stay up WAY past my bedtime, it was SOOOOOOOOO worth it! They were great. They sounded great - just like on the record, even in a small venue. The audience was really into it, and there was much singing along and dancing and giant whale eating. Wanna see? We all had to scream like we were being eaten by a whale. Love the interactive concerts! I was surprised that the crowd was so small - but it made it nice not to be crowded! If you don't own Picaresque go buy it, I'll wait.

Next, Mim wants to know if you've got your revolution on.. I guess the most "revolutionary" thing I do is KIP. No one KIPs here. I get weird looks all the time. Football games, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. The only other KIPers I've ever seen are my SnBers! I found this today, and I'm wondering what we/I can do to DO something.....any thoughts?

Also, this week is Banned Books Week. This site gives you lists of the most frequently banned books by year, most banned authors, etc. Pick one. Read it this week. Pick another. Read it to your kids.

Speaking of kids, are you getting old when your kiddo starts reading/watching your childhood favorites? DD has been bugging us to watch The Princess Bride since my dad mentioned it on vacation. We had a little free time, so we popped it in (and I tried in vain to not quote every line). She said it was "a little long." This was my FAVORITE movie as a kiddo. I rented it every year on my birthdy, until it got to the point that one of my friends asked, "Do we have to watch The Princess Bride again?" at my slumber party. Yes. Yes we do.
We also just finished reading The BFG, one of my favorite kids books, and are now well intoThe Secret Garden, which makes my top ten childhood books list. I have a lot of expectations for her to love this book. We'll see.

More tomorrow, must go finish watching Bob.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Since I started this stitch marker making, I thought I might try to branch out a bit - I found these beautiful beads at JoAnn's a few weeks ago and thought that they would make a lovely bracelet (for me of course!). I couldn't resist. I found a cute clasp and some wire, and I brought them all home. When I finished mom's stitch markers, I sat down for this right away. Here it is.

I've worn it to work twice now, and it's holding up well - I really like it.

While at JoAnn's again over the weekend I found that they had the charms I used for mom's stitch markers on clearance - so I bought some others for other gifts and just to stash. I'm hoping to make some more markers soon, but, alas, I have to study this week. See, I have to take the TExES on Saturday. Blech. I've sort of let time get away from me recently, so I've not been studying. It's cram time baby. Don't worry - I've got knitting stored up to share with y'all. I'll be here......

Edited to add: Damn blogger won't upload my picture. I'll try again tomorrow.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Momma don't feel so good

In place of original content, today you get results from stupid online quizzes! Aren't you excited? Momma is. Hopefully momma will feel better tomorrow and will tell you what she's been up to. Now she's going to bed.

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Looking up

For Sandy.

OK, these aren't my sky right now, but they are pretty!

Honeymoon morning (Tahiti).

Eclipse from last fall.

Colorado in July.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

There are like 3 Bottoms!

Or, What DH just said while watching Survivor.

Finally, a modeled shot!

I've been really tired lately, and blogging (or reading blogs) has been sparse. Plus, there was that Lost show on last night. That I just sorta had to watch. I'm not a big one for spoilers, but I had goose bumps at the end of the episode!

Warning: Geeky moments ahead!

DH and I got just the specials disk of Lost from Netflix, and watched almost everything. I most enjoyed the stuff about how they "created" and cast the show, and how they shot the pilot. Oh, and how they "made" the music - very cool. We watched the special episode last night, even though we were a little wary that it was just repeat of the DVD material - it wasn't, but was just a "Lost in 45 minutes for those who've never seen it." Oh well.

Geeky Moment Number Two: After we couldn't figure out what someone was saying during the episode (see, no spoilers!) I got on the internets and looked, and got sucked into several "forums" that discuss the geekiness. I could have spent hours reading these theories, but was almost asleep sitting up, so I went to bed.

There has been knitting, though simple stuff I can do while reading. I just finished reading Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner. Weiner is one of my favorite authors, and the new book doesn't disappoint. I wouldn't say it's my favorite of hers (Good in Bed and Little Earthquakes probably tie for that honor), but it's good. I've had it for a few weeks, and put off reading it because I didn't want it to be over. I know - nerd. There may have been a new knitting project during this reading, but I'll hold off pictures for a few days (and by then I might be done!).

Must go - time for the Decemberists!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Super Sockpal!

I received my sockpal socks today! They are wonderful!

Pattern: Curvy Lace Socks
Yarn: Rowan Wool Cotton

My socks were knit by the lovely Kris. I read that she was very anxious about the finished product, and what I would think of it, but I love them! Thank you so much! They are so soft, and if it wasn't 100 degrees here, I would never take them off!

Kris also included the lovely pattern cards from the Yarn Girls Guide to Simple Knits. What a cute idea these notecards are! And I will (of course) keep some for myself! Such a nice surprise!

I was trying to decide if I wanted to do something like this again, and this has made up my mind. I worried about my socks, but I know that just receiving something handmade is worth all the effort (and worrying) I put into my socks!

I have to admit, that I thought I had "figured out" who was making my socks - someone was making cotton socks in some of my favorite colors, and while those turned out to be beautiful socks, I love the surprise of these! I think next time I will make no specifications, so as to not stress out my pal (sorry Kris!) and to get more of a surprise.

Again, I luuuuuuuurrrrrrrvvvvvvvveeeeeeee my socks! I'll try to get a modeled shot tomorrow!

Trying to fight the urge to cast on for a pair for myself (well, another pair.....)

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Fall? Cleaning

Today DH and I cleaned. Now, for those of you who aren't lucky enough to really "know" me - I'm not a cleaner. Don't get me wrong - I hate messes, and I love the feeling that comes with being organized and seeing the actual surfaces of furniture. But, say there are a few days worth of dishes in the sink. Eh. I'll get to them. When they overflow the sink I usually take care of them. (we have no working dishwasher - human or machine!).

So I washed them today and then started scrubbing the sink. DH says "use the soft scrub stuff - it'll take care of that." Where this mysterious product came from, I know not. But it lives under my sink. I got it out. I squirted it inot the sink. Wow. That's just about all I could say was Wow. My sink wasn't this clean when we bought the house! It's a miracle! I'd take a picture, but there are already dirty dishes in it.

We also cleaned the counters, the stove and straightened the rest of the house.

Finally, DH made me chairs (and my made I mean put together!) to go with my table I put together yesterday. See, we were in Target Thursday night and I walked past this table and chair set that was on clearance for $20 - something from their collection of "back to school" items. I've been looking for a cheap plastic folding table to put my sewing machine on so that it doesn't live on the dining room table (and we can actually dine on that table!) but couldn't find one in my budget. Hello, $20? Totally in my budget. DH resisted the purchase, asking where I was going to put it - making some rude remarks about not being able to resist anything on sale, you know.....

It's perfect. It fits in front of the built in bookcase in our study/craft room/guest room perfectly (right next to my desk). The yarn "hampers" fit perfectly underneath it and DH installed that little shelving unit on the wall (we used 1/2 for the pantry over a year ago and this one had been in the garage unused). I've got one shelf for each craft - knitting, sewing, beading and cross-stitch/embroidery. Oh, and the boxes of fabric fit under the table too. The cord to the sewing machine just reaches the plug and I can push it out of the way to do beading. What more could a girl ask for? (Besides a craft room full of nothing but crafts!)

I also worked on inventoring my kiddie books - I only did one box (of 4) and have 212 already. Yikes.

Oh, Knitting? You want the knitting? Well, I am through the second skein of yarn on Clappy and through 12 of the straight row repeats. DH is winding the third skein for me, so no knitting on that until it is wound. I cast on for the second half of I Do tonight, and will probably have it done by early next week. It moves along so quickly! (Knock wood)

I'm a little concerned though. Today it was over 100 degrees. Yes, you read that right. Yes it is mid September. 100 degrees. Again tomorrow (aren't we excited). If it keeps up like this she will pass out from heatstroke if she wears a wool shrug. So do I go ahead and give it to her anyway, knowing she won't be able to wear it (without dying), or find some other use for it? I think she might just wear it as an "everyday" shrug, so I'm thinking I'll give it to her with the idea that it will get worn at some point, even if not at the wedding.

I also organized all the knitting projects into the cute bag/holder/thing that mom gave me for my birthday. Now they all live (in their plastic bags) next to the couch (instead of strewn across the coffee table).

I finished the bookbookbook2 today. It's lovely. I laughed, I cried, I loved it. Now I have to wait until March for bookbookbook3!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Not-So Heavy Metal

First - let me calm all of your fears from last night - I wasn't really drunk, just slightly intoxicated. I had a very difficult week, one I don't wish to recant here as I'm trying to forget about it. (See mom, I'm not an alcoholic!)

Now, on to the knitting!

Mom opened her birthday present yesterday, so I can show you part of the contents.

Aren't they cute? She loves her doggie, and blue is her favorite color (at least, the color of half of her wardrobe! Love you mom!), hence the blue beads. I hope they fit her current project needles.

Aside: Any tips for taking better pictures of small bead items? I just can't seem to get the camera to focus on something that small. I'll work on it.....

I sent my socks out the same day, so I'm hoping my pal will have them soon. Then I can finally show you the secret project!

Two languishing knitting projects have had a renissance this week with one simple modification. I switched my Ruffles Scarf and my Ankle Sock from bamboo needles to metal needles. Wow. All of a sudden these knits are flying along. Something about the cotton yarn and the bamboo = bad combination. I was very reluctant to work on these because it took so damn long to get the stitches from one needle to the next. Now I'm zipping along. Although I could possibly go insane looking for progress on that scarf. It's going to take FOREVER.

Speaking of the scarf, I joined the Scarf Style Knit-a-Long. I'm not much of a joiner, but I thought this might be a good way to "meet" other knitters and I'm already making the project. I've always been a bit jealous of those who see a new pattern and immediately cast on for it and join the knit-a-long. If I did this I'd have 50 projects on my needles.

Speaking of projects, there may have been a new one started (I know, I know!) today. But no pictures = no proof. :)

A few days ago skein was my word of the day from Wordsmith. I had a little chuckle - as if I need this defined for me! Ha!

Finally, I've got to run. You see a few days ago DH ordered me this. It arrived last night and he brought it home. Must go finish reading it now. It's wonderful (as I would expect!).

Friday, September 16, 2005

Take me drunk, I'm home

And even more profunditity. (No, not profanity) It's been a rough week. My tequilla and I are going to bed now. I promise more excitement tomorrow. Only if the dogs stop barking at the neighbors.........

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Welcome to the 100th post! I can't believe I made it this far......

Lots of excitement here....

First a lovely FO photo:

The sockpal socks look so much better washed and "blocked" (as much as you can block superwash wool). They are much softer and still pretty. They went in the mail today along with the super secret project, some extra yarn and a postcard DH selected of Fort Worth.

Also mailed today was mommie's birthday gift - you'll have to wait for pictures though, since I wouldn't want her to see it before she gets it! (Haha - thought you were going to see it early.....never!)

Did a bit of beading last night - I'll show you what tomorrow. It's very pretty.

I know I had a great deal more to say when I sat down to write this, but then one of my peeps called (Jen - Jess is alive!) and I got distracted.

Didja know that the Lobby of Hobby has their knitting books, needles and notions 1/2 off this week? Can you believe that I went there and purchased NOTHING! DH couldn't believe it either.

Hmmmm, shouldn't this post be full of the reflection of the 100th load of crap, er, blogging goodness.......hmmmmmm

OK, must go watch some O.C. (almost done with season 2 - then I can start watching new episodes!) and knit. I have to say that all this "teaching" stuff is really cutting into my knitting time. But boy howdy it's fun.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Cupcakes anyone?

cupcake hat
Originally uploaded by jenn_tx.
Here it is, the finished cupcake hat.
Pattern: Cupcake Hat from Chile Con Yarne.
Yarn: Knitpicks Merino Style in Strawberry, Petal and Crocus.
Needles: Clover Bamboo Sz 7 DPN's
Started: Wednesday September 7.
Finished: Friday September 9 (except for pom pom - added Sunday).

Knitty Gritty: Great pattern - very cute, super easy. The only trouble I had was with the "nubbles." I've never done any kind of bobble, so this was challenging, mostly because I didn't quite understand the pattern, but I figured it out. You knit into the stitch, pull your yarn out and put it back on the left needle (like you're casting on). Then put your right needle into that stitch you just made and repeat until you have five total stitches (including your original). Then BO 4 stitches so that the first original stitch is on the right needle.
I was confused here, I thought you had to BO all four stitches at once, but nope - one at a time. They do have a tendency to "hide" when you knit the next row (they move to the back), but you can pull them forward.

You can see a modeled shot here. Cute, yes?

Wendy posted today about multiple projects. I have to have multiple projects, or I think I would go crazy. I don't know how some people only have one or two projects going at the same time. I think I'd get so sick of them that I wouldn't want to knit. This way I have choice for my knitting ADD. I also read more than one book at the same time - I'm guessing the two are realated.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Fancy Yarn

Well, that's what Target calls it. And I'm really not a "fancy" yarn person. I'm using some fun fur for the cat bed, and I really think that it's why I don't want to work on it - I don't like knitting with it. However, I was sucked in by this Target yarn. It just looks so much like fall, and I'm aching for fall here (since temps this week should be in the 92-95 degree range). I think it will make a pretty fun scarf, and if I don't like it, I'm sure I can gift it to one of DD's teachers.

The real question I have is: what size needles to use? Any tips?

I finally saw the Knitty Gritty Sock episode. I watched once back in January, long before I was ready to attempt socks, and forgot much of it. I tried TiVoing it several times, but they had their signals crossed, and even though the TiVo said it was the sock episode, it was the Knitting for the Home episode. Anyway, after much of this, I finally sucessfully watched it yesterday. And boy was I disappointed. I was surprised to see that I already knew how to do everything they were talking about (but it did make me feel good about my knitting abilities!). I've noticed that while I really enjoyed watching this show when I was first learning, now it seems a little cheesy to me. Hopefully they'll have new episodes sometime soon and they will be aimed at more intermediate/advanced knitters.

We watched Diamonds are Forever tonight. DH is appalled that I have only seen one James Bond moive (the one with Halle Berry which he says doesn't count), so I agreed to watch them. I wasn't really impressed by this one, but he said it's his least favorite Connery Bond one.

Finished cupcake hat photos tomorrow!

Saturday, September 10, 2005


So there is a 99% finished cupcake hat sitting on my coffee table, but due to my lack of foresight during my visit to JoAnn's today, I do not have a pompon maker, so the cupcake has no topper. Hopefully tomorrow.

Watched History of the World: Part 1 today and DH was amused at the "lady of the night" who was out of wool, and knitting air.

Spent some time knitting the Clappy tonight - so refreshing to return to an UFO that I love! I need to finish up "I Do," but I'll work on it next week (maybe).

I was sort of planning to go to the DFW Knit Out and Crochet today, but did not want to drive to Dallas all by myself. However, now I'm stuck with the Charity scarf I was knitting to take with me, and no place to donate it to. Any ideas?

There may also have been a visit to Target for cat litter, in which I ended up forgetting the cat litter and buying yarn. I'm so weak......I guess it's a good thing DH didn't want to run errands with me today! But yarn! At Target! More about that when I have a picture to show you. For tonight, you get to see my baby (Miles) who took a wee little rest on the couch with the kitty (who until recently couldn't stand him). Aren't they cute?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Guess What?

Cupcake Hat
Originally uploaded by jenn_tx.
Why do the pictures not look blurry until they're uploaded? I swear, this one did not look blurry on the camera. Damn.

Anyway, on to the knitting - It's too bad the caption totally gives away the "surprise" knitting for today (I know y'all were on the edge of your seats!). Yes, it's the cupcake hat.

So, this made 13! (gasp) projects on the needles, but I needed something quick and easy. And the yarn had just come in that lovely knitpicks box. Love you knitpicks. I'm using the Merino Style. Soooooooooo soft. Can't wait to make something for myself with this goodness. I think it is perfect for little baby heads too.

This is just the "cup" portion of the cupcake. I'm using "Petal" for the "cake" part - more progress has been made since the photo-op earlier this evening. (More would have been made if USA hadn't taken away my L&O: SVU for the damn tennis! When is it over? Hating the tennis.)

I had a bit of trouble figuring out the "nubble" portion of the pattern, but I solidered on, and resoved it with only minor cursing.

There has been more knitting this week, but it is the rest of the supersecret sockpal knitting, so I can't show you. But soon! I'm thinking I'll mail the socks early next week (Hey, Alison said we could!!), but I need to wash them first - tomorrow. And I need one more goodie for the package. Fun to surprise someone!

And I totally forgot until I read on someone else's blog (sorry, I forget who) that I get socks too! Woo Hoo!

I've been meaning to give props to one of my favorite online shops (no, not knitpicks). It's Cher, the owner, is super nice, readily communicates with you via the email, has extremely reasonable shipping rates, and is speedy. All great traits. With the last tiny bit of the birthday money, I ordered the Flower Basket and Leaf Lace shawls.

I love how Fibertrends presents their patterns. (Perhaps this is naive, since I haven't purchased individual patterns before). I like that they come with a real photo, in a sleeve protector and on heavy weight paper. Worth the $$ for this kind of quality.

Speaking of patterns, the new fall Knitty and Mag Knits are up. I have to say that I'm a little disappointed with the Mag Knits - the only thing I'm leaning toward is Picovoli, which I was wanting to make in it's first incarnation (Tivoli) for a while anyway. But I am excited that they will have new patterns up every month - something to look forward to!

I'm glad that I like the patterns in Knitty. I was a bit disappointed with the "man" issue, mostly because I couldn't see myself making ANY of those things for my man. I really like Samus and have some lovely orange Cotton-Ease that I might try it in. I love the orange.....This would be my first attempt at cables - I think it'd be a good starter project, but heck, I can always be wrong.

I also really like Josephine, but considering my current finished object rate, this would take me YEARS (and probably cost a fortune!). I'm thinking that Flora would make a cute gift for someone, and I like Falling Leaves 'cause I'm in a sock phase right now.

OK, must drag myself off to cut out teddy bears, color and make a "person." The work of an (almost) Kindergarten teacher is never done.

Monday, September 05, 2005

You know we're halfway there

Half of "I Do"
Originally uploaded by jenn_tx.
After much frantic knitting yesterday, the first half of "I Do" is finished. I told myself that if I got this finished, I could work on other projects this week, since I have a few weeks to have the whole thing done.

I had some confusion about the splitting for the back, but the tutorial at the "I Do" KAL helped. I recommend it (as long as they keep the blog up).

I have to admit, that I'm a little bit sick of the pattern though. It is predictable and easy, but BORING! And with an 18 row repeat, it never seems to end. The flat pattern did seem to work up more quickly, but that could just be that you seemed to start over every 9 rows instead of 18. We'll see how the second half goes.

In other knitting news, the ankle sock got ripped back to the cuff yesterday. I just wasn't happy at all with the giant hole, and, in an effort to avoid ladders, I was working the next two stitches off of the next needle as I went around (does that make sense?), but I was getting random loose stitches and it made the sock look yucky. So it got ripped. And I'm just past the heel now. The hole isn't there - I think what happened is that that was where the heel met back up with the "foot" of the sock after the short rows, and that was where I had joined the second color, so even though I'd done 3 rounds in green before starting the heel, it still wasn't tight enough. I added two more rows pre-heel, and all seems to be right with the world.

I did end up with eight extra stitches on one side of the heel though.......I just K2tog every round until I was back down to 52 stitches, but weird! Where did they come from? I didn't increase any? And does it matter that 8 was the number of stitches left unworked as I did the heel? But why were they all on one side of the heel? And will this matter in the long run? I'm hoping not, but we'll see. I'll keep trucking on.

Any hints for how to make the purl side of the heel look better in short row heels? The first time I purled through the front, and while it did leave a small stitch on the outside, I didn't think it so bad. This time I purled through the back, and I have tiny little holes around each stitch. Yuck. Really don't want to rip the ankle sock back any more, but I just might not be able to live with it.

I may or may not have cast on for a new project tonight......I'm not saying.....

PS - Does anyone know how to respond to comments with blogger? I can't email people directly back after they leave a comment, and I really don't want to have to go to each person's blogger profile. Any hints? I *heart* comments!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Movie night

Knitting has been sparse this week, as I adjust to the new "job." I promise new pictures in the next few days.

Last night, in an effort to appease DH, we went to see The Constant Gardener. The ankle sock went along. DH said "If you wanted to knit, we could have stayed at home." Nice, huh? But I did knit during the movie, my first KIP movie experience. It all went very well, even though I had fears of huge mistakes.

The movie was great - very powerful, and made me very upset about our government - but I'm trying to keep politics out of the knitting. I highly recommend it.

Tonight, during knitting time, I watched "Finding Neverland." It was very good - I like the way they tied the "real" story of the boys and J.M. Barrie to the creation of "Peter Pan." It was beautifully shot and Johnny Depp was great - of course.

Off to bed with my sinus headache -oh how I hate the allergies......