Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Break Knits

First, thank you for all the well-wishes - we are very excited here.

We did manage to finish quite a few projects over spring break, and I'll lead with what you really care about - the knitwear.

Pattern: Zombie Socks from Sock Madness
Yarn: Socks that Rock Lightweight in Lenore
Needles: Chiagoo DPNs 2.75mm
Dates: Thursday March 13-Thursday March 20
Mods: none
Thoughts: very stretchy sock. Even though my gauge was perfect, these are a little big. But they turned out fine besides that, and I'll still wear them. The yarn bled all over my needles and my fingers, so I'll be careful washing them.

Pattern: Log Cabin Blanket
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in 5 colors
Needles: Sz 8 Susan Bates Circulars
Dates: Um, August 2006-March 2008. Yikes
Mods: none
Thoughts: This didn't turn out as big as I had originally envisioned, but I just needed it to be done. It was gifted to The Girl for her 10th birthday on Friday, and she seems to really like it, so that's good.

Pattern: Devon from Magknits
Yarn: Rowan Cotton Glace - 1.5 balls in white, purple and green and just over 2.5 balls in brown
Needles: Sz 3 Susan Bates Circulars
Dates: September? 2007-March 2008
Thoughts: This has been mostly done since the end of January - I ran out of brown and kept forgetting to buy another ball, and then I had to spend 3 hours weaving in ends. Ugh. But it fits great, and I really like the colors, so overall a winner.

I did get a bit of other knitting progress made, but I'll save that fodder for another day!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Eye Candy Friday

Hopefully this will fully explain the lack of knitting and blogging around here! This little knitter is due in September, and you can expect some baby knits to show up soon!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

2 more days

Until Spring Break. I think I can, I think I can.

Nothing like waiting until almost the ides to post the goals for the month, eh?

February pretty much sucked for the knitting - let's take a look.
February Goals:
Knit at least 8 panels of Log Cabin Blanket (take on retreat) - NOT DONE
Finish fingerless gloves for hubbo DONE
Finish hat for hubbo DONE
Finish Zuluknitty socks DONE
Finish Embossed Leaves socks NOT DONE
Finish Child's First socks ONE DONE
Finish at least one peppermint sock ONE 3/4 DONE
Finish Devon NOT DONE
Work on Icarus (get through the repeats of chart 1) ONE MORE REPEAT TO GO
Work on Rogue (up to the armholes?) NOT TOUCHED
Finish one front of Bristow HAHA
Finish one front of Cambridge Jacket NOPE
Finish front of Salina NOT EVEN CLOSE
Work on Buttony NOT TOUCHED
Finish Noro Scarf - DONE
Work on Isobel NOT TOUCHED
Finish half of mystery knit NOPE
Finish one Solstice Slip sock HAHAHA - ONE REPEAT DONE

It's pretty sad really. So the March goals become easy.

March Goals
February Goals:
Finish Log Cabin Blanket
Finish Embossed Leaves socks
Finish Child's First socks
Finish the peppermint socks
Finish Devon
Work on Icarus (get through the repeats of chart 1)
Work on Rogue (up to the armholes?)
Finish one front of Bristow
Finish one front of Cambridge Jacket
Finish front of Salina
Work on Buttony
Work on Isobel
Finish half of mystery knit
Finish one Solstice Slip sock

I'm hopeful that with 10 days of Spring Break coming up I can get most of this done. Don't laugh too hard.

I've also got my yarn wound and I need to grab some needles to get ready for SOCK MADNESS!! The only hope I have is to make it through round one, since it will be spring break. Fingers crossed.

With all this upcoming time off I hope to take some pictures of WIPs for you, and do an update of where things are. Right after I spring clean the house, put in a garden, do something about the muddy patches in the back yard, plant flowers in the front of the house, purge the closets, purge the bookshelves, clean out the garage, reorganize the study, learn to quilt and clean up the knitting corner. Just a few things on my to-do list.

Monday, March 03, 2008

In like a Lion

March is here, and with it, my first spring cold. With left me with little energy to knit all weekend. I did finish one project, but you will have to wait for pictures until it has been blocked. But, I did count up the number of projects I took and we have a winner!

I took 18 projects, so with a guess of 17 Chris is the winner!

I hope to be back soon with March goals and whatnot, but I've got to take my congested self off to bed now.