Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I don't have the time to tell you the long stories, so you get bullets:

* I spent way too long reconstructing my bloglines feeds this weekend when I accidentally deleted them. Oops.

* I got this cute little sheep from my momma this weekend - she has a momma sheep, this is the baby. Awww! Thanks mom!

* Our taxes are done. Will be mailed tomorrow. We're barely getting a refund, which seems ironic since we barely made a living wage this year. It's a good thing we bought our house when we had "real" jobs - we'd never qualify now. To put it in perspective, we made less this year than one of us will make next year when we get "real" jobs again. Yikes.

* I'm a bit sick of my sockpal sock, mostly because I feel like I can't knit anything else. This makes me grouchy. I still love the pattern, just wish I had the time to laze along on them.

* Bulky yarn knits up fast. Only one sleeve to go until my sweater is done. But I hate knitting with yarn this thick. I think I'll love the sweater, but give me tiny needles any day.

* I ripped and restarted my orange/yellow Project Spectrum sock three times this week. I think I've finally got them small enough to fit. They are my reading socks now - hopefully some progress soon.

* I finally picked up stitches for the gusset of the pink sock and started down the foot. Someday soon I'll have a pair.

* I finished two books this weekend and started another. I've forgotten how much I love reading a good book. More on them later.

* Our little guy got his first summer haircut Saturday - he's so happy!

* The new Knitty is up. Eh. I do like the little girl cardi and the socks. It's a good thing I'm not buying yarn.

* Speaking of not buying things - yeah. That sucks. I'm going to try really hard not to buy yarn for the next few weeks (I actually have no desire to, so that's good!), but I did have to buy a pattern for a gift and will have to buy some yarn to complete it, but that's it. Nothing else. But if I need something else, I'm getting it. Feeling like I can't buy things sucks. And I have two birthdays coming up rapidly too, so some purchases will have to be made. But I'm going to "use what I have" for my craft projects.

And finally - the winner! Woo Hoo! We almost had a tie, but Ashley is the wiener! Ashley - send me your address and I'll send your prize out in the next few days. Congrats! Ashley guessed 4/5 and Jen guessed 4/15 - he unpacked on 4/9, so by a few hours Ashley is the winner! I'm so glad that bag is gone!


  1. I did some great reading on my trip, and it was fabulous. Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy it. What are you reading?

  2. Your little sheep is so cute!! What a sweet little guy. Your sweater looks fantastic! That colorway is so gorgeous- can't wait to see the modeled shot! I completely relate to your feelings about little needles. It's kind of masochistic, but I prefer them, too. Your socks are looking great! Take care, Jenn! :-)

  3. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Love that pomatom...potama...the sock from knitting that you're knitting *grin*

    Can't say I love the new Knitty, either. The disembodied leg thing on the sock photos freaks me out a bit ;o)