Friday, September 29, 2006


Ahhh. New sock yarn. Like little vials of crack (or so I assume, as I do not do the drugs).

Regia Bamboo and Regia Silk. In gorgeous colors. Cannot wait to knit this up! Will most likey be cast on very soon. I am powerless to resist. If only I had 50 pairs of needles to knit all the sock yarn in the stash at the same time. (And that's a rough estimate - I may even have more than 50 pairs worth. Yikes.)

This is how much sock you can knit in fits and starts (when you're not doing group activities) under the table at an 8 hour inservice. Not too much, but hey, it's that much more done. And I got to talk about the knitting with some other teachers - they don't knit but were intrigued. And the inservice wasn't the worst I've ever had - so not a bad day, all in all.

And finally, a lovely shot of my outfit today. I was taking pictures for the "Model your socks" contest (Hurry and get your entries in tomorrow night!), and wanted to show off my mad matching skillz. Yep. My socks and shirt matched today. Wicked awesome.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yes, we have no pictures

There has been knitting here this week, just no pictures, and very little blogging. I've finished birthday gift number 2, and it has been gifted, yet in my genius moments Wednesday morning as I was up at 5 (and to bed at 1 - ah the insommnia has returned), doing three loads of laundry, handwashing my socks, hemming my pants, ironing, making lunch, and addressing packages, I forgot to take a picture. I'll tell you more about it soon - when it has been received.

I've finished the Sophie bag, yet without sunlight it would appear as a big black blob. It's waiting to be felted with the felted hat, which has been restarted now twice.

I'm halfway through the third washcloth of a set. I started a red scarf. I put the sleeves of Licorice Whip on holders and I'm knitting the body.

And yes, I bought more yarn. This allowance thing is really bad. My four huge rubbermaid tubs are bursting (literally - I cannot snap the lids on them). And my knitting time isn't looking to increase anytime soon, so what am I doing?

Pictures soon. Must cast on second sock of either purple pair or green and pink so that I have something to knit during my 8 hour inservice tomorrow. What fun.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

One is the loneliest number

Waiting patiently for a mate. I've got high hopes for Socktoberfest - finish off the three pairs that need a mate (this one, purple sock and hubbo's anniversary green socks), try to finish another gift pair, work on the other 4! pairs that are started and perhaps start another gift pair. We all know my knitting brain works faster than my hands can, so we'll see if I can do it. In the meantime, I'm cranking out a bunch of smaller things that need just a bit of attention to be finished, and I'm going to try to start and finish two more small items before Socktoberfest officially arrives. (Really, I missed out last year, so I think I'm just trying to make up for my shortcomings here. After all, we all know that I can't knitalong, so we'll see how this goes.)

Oh, and the water bottle? It's by Knit One Crochet Too, and can be seen here. I couldn't find a place that sells them online, but if your LYS carries K1CT products they can probably order it. Or give my LYS - Yarns Ewenique a call and they can get it to you.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Stash enhancement ain't just yarn

So I have been buying a few things here and there, since I have an "allowance" now with this new job and all. Yay for yarn!

This lovely Elann Quechua will be the cute Tulips cardigan from the fall Knitscene. It's really a bit more green than this picture shows.

And some lovely Silky Wool for Somewhat Cowl. LOVE this color - it's exactly what I wanted and it was on sale at one of my LYS!

And, because I don't have time to knit all the yarn I could buy, I bought some knitting related goodies.

An oh-so-cute sheepy water bottle, which says "Feeling unraveled? Knit!" Also, a cute new tape measure (I broke one this week) and some lovely little stitchmarkers, perfect for socks!

Some more yarn might be on it's way. But it's not all for me. Promise.

Oh, and the cute sock blocker keychain? I think this is where my one skein pal got it.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Fall into (your) knitting

(But please don't poke your eyes out.)

It's fall. I love fall. I got married in the fall because I love it so much. It's a bit different down here in Texas than it was growing up in Indiana. Last year it was still 100 degrees for much of September and in the high 90s in October. Blech. This year, thankfully, it's been much cooler already, and we are loving it. We've also heard rumors that this will be a "wet" winter, and we're already seeing evidence of that - we have green growing grass again! After a summer of having a brown yard, hubbo is complaining that he's going to have to mow again. But it's purty.

What does fall mean in knitting land? Sweater weather! I started two sweaters over Labor Day weekend that haven't seen the blog "for real" yet, so it's time to rectify that.

This lovely brown number will grow up to be licorice whip. I'm knitting it out of Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton in Chocolate(?). Yum. Lovely yarn. One warning though - If you downloaded the pattern some time ago you might go back and redownload it. There are several errors in the first pdf. So far, so good. I'm nearly ready to put the sleeves on waste yarn and continue on the body. It's knitting up rather quickly, but I did have to go up to a size 10 needle to get gauge, and even then it wasn't quite right, so I'm knitting it with the maths. Let's cross our fingers that the maths work again.

And, because I have been wanting a new cardigan (because clearly, the 20 or so I already have aren't enough), I cast on for the Central Park Hoodie from the fall 06 Knitscene in some lovely leafy green Ella Rae Classic. LOVE. THIS. YARN. It has wonderful stitch definition, the cables look great, and it is really soft for a 100% wool. Plus it comes in an amazing array of colors. I'm already plotting more sweaters with it. Yum. Oh, and it's cheaper than Cascade 220 and Lamb's Pride (which we know I hate because of the mohair. Yuck.). If your LYS isn't carrying this, they should. It's lovely.

There are a few other sweaters on the needles - Kyoto, and Pullover Flair (which I also cast on for over Labor Day weekend), but they're not seeing much action these days, and hubbo's xmas sweater, which is in semi-permanent stall, since I can't work on it in front of him.

In other excitement, I cleaned up the stash today, and pulled all my red yarn. I'm not a "true" red person (though I do have some red yarn for Bristow and I'm wanting some reddish socks), but somehow I have acculumated a few balls here and there of red yarn. It will all be knit into red scarves. Go make one. I'm also gathering skeins for Dulaan knitting projects. Grab your needles - they're aiming to sign up 2007 knitters to each knit 5 items, resulting in over 10,000! knitted necessities for these kiddos.

Thank you for listening to this public service announcement. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I just can't knitalong

I've said it before, I'll say it again. I'm not a knitalonger. I always start with the best of intentions, and end up falling flat on my face. However, I do love to lurk and watch others KAL, so it's not a total loss.

I joined the Summer of Socks KAL with just these hopes - I would be knitting a lot of socks, as it was a) summer and b) Texas. Not a lot of large heavy sweater knitting going on here. Unfortunately, as it is wont to do, life got in the way. So much so that the only finished pair of socks I knit both of during the summer were my One Skein Pal's Cabled Footies. Yikes. And really, do those count, since they were worsted weight yarn? Anywho, I did whip up a few single socks for you.

First, a wee one. I received the kit to make these cute socks for your keychain sock blocker from my One Skein Pal, and last week, in a fit of "I need to finish something NOW!", I pulled it out. Hmmm. No gauge listed. OK. I'll just go for it. Um yeah. So small that I can barely pull it over the toe. Okey dokey then - an ornament for the tree! We never got one last year (I was bored with them before I got to our tree), so now we have a knitted ornament! Yea! I shall try again to make one the correct size for my keyring. Note to self: You almost always have to go up a needle size. Go up a needle size.

And one finished "full" sized sock! Thanks to my new commute (grrr), I have more sock knitting time (yea!). Hubbo drives me to school every day as his school is about one mile away. Just a few minutes here and there in the car twice a day really add up! I lovelovelove this sock. It is soooooooo soft. I want the other one finished RIGHTNOW so that I can wear them. Yum. However, I have decided to finish one of the pink and green socks first. A few more days of going back and forth to school should do it and then I'll have one of each pair done. We'll see if this helps combat or increase second sock syndrome. I'll let you know.

Even more knitting has been happening (I know, can you believe it?) and there has been a wee bit of stash enhancement. Just a wee bit, really.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Wish my momma a happy birthday! She is 29 years old and holding. ;)

She received a special knitted gift (of course!).

Some lovely, though way-too-big (pre)felted clogs. (Chapstick for scale)

Pattern: Felted Clogs from Fiber Trends
Yarn: Patons Classic Merino in purple and red (very nearly 2 full skeins of purple, and half of red).
Needles: Sz 13 Clover Bamboo Circulars
Dates: Started about 2 weeks ago, finished Saturday September 16.
Mods: I did the "bumper" in the contrasting color for a little spice.
Thoughts: Great! I did get sick of the doubled yarn and big needles, but it went quickly. The hubbo has already started pestering me about "when do I get my pair."

I gave them pre-felted, as momma has smaller feet than me, and I wanted them to fit perfectly. She promises a post-felting picture when she gets them all felt up! ;) (Imagine the google searches for that!)

The wedding was lovely, though I have no pictures of the shawl in its 'natural' habitat as the bride wasn't chilly enough to wear it. Ah well. It's pretty. Even if everyone who saw it thought it was a blanket.

I did get many compliments on my handknit socks - one of the perks of going to Colorado is that I can wear them every day! Woot!

There was other knitting on the trip - I think I might actually have a bit of knitting progress to show for the next few days!

Must go be kneaded by the kitty. She is a bit put out that we left her for 4 whole days, and she keeps telling me about it. Time for my nightly cuddle (with the cat!). It's good to be home!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

WIP Round up

There are *ahem* quite a few projects on the needles these days. Some of which I haven't even had a chance to show you. Let's take a look, shall we?

The sock pile. Left to right - the pink lemondae lacy scallops sock, the green and pink trekking sock, the cuff of the straight-laced grey sock below it, a barely started pink knee high (not sure this is going to work out - it's an experiment), with the cuff of my dye-o-rama socks below, the purple Regia surf sock (which I LOVE!), a gift sock, and the cuff of one and one finished hubbo anniversary socks. Whew!

The miscellaneous pile. A Sophie purse (with a secret gift below, the beginnings of another gift below, the log cabin sock blanket below that, at the top a wee beginning of Branching Out, 2 of 3 dishcloths complete, and Leaf Lace. I'm also still working on The Girl's Log Cabin Blanket, but it looks exactly the same.

Sweaters: Central Park Hoodie (green), Licorice Whip (brown), Kyoto (pink) Pullover Flair (white) and the hubbo's xmas sweater (dk. green). Yikes.

And the "Waiting in the Wings" pile. 2 sweaters, four more pairs of socks, Clapotis and Icarus. Must. Not. Cast. On.

What's in your WIP pile?

We're off to Colorado for the wedding - my baby sister! I'm sure I'll have no blogging time, so I'll see y'all on Monday! Have a great weekend! I'll be back with pictures of the shawl with it's reciepient!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

R is for Recycling

We recycle A LOT. Lucky for us, our city provides recycling containers and picks up our recycling each week as part of our water/garbage bill. We have the smallest trash can they provide, and usually have no more than two bags of trash (less if we were planning to stay here and had started a compost pile already!), but our (rather large) recycling container is FULL every week.

I am a little sad that there are still things I can't recycle (egg cartons, juice boxes, pizza boxes), but I am grateful that I don't have to lug it around town like my momma does!

P.S. Thank y'all so much for all your wonderful words regarding the shawl! Blocking it was enough to really inspire me to knit more lace, so I've been working away on Leaf Lace. Pictures of her soon!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Amazing Lace

Finally. It's done. Just in time, as the wedding is this weekend!

Pattern: Baltic Sea Stole by Fibertrends
Yarn: Knitpicks Merino Style in Dusk - 9 balls
Needles: Sz 8 Clover Bamboo Circulars
Dates: March-September 2006 (on and off)
Mods: I did not use mohair as the pattern called for - didn't want the bride to be itchy!
Thoughts: Bored to tears by the pattern at several points. However, loosing the chart really helped me finish it up - I discovered that I had the repeats memorized, and it was much faster to work from memory than look at the chart every row. I was really worried that it would be too "thick" - too heavy, but blocking worked a MIRACLE on this pattern. It's lighter, it drapes, it's really nice. I hope the bride likes it!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lace Swap goodies!

I am a bad bad blogger/swapper. I received my lovely lace swap goodies last Saturday, and I'm just now getting around to showing you the treats!

My treats came all the way from Sweden. Aren't these stamps cool? I love that the package just has stamps on it - none of that barcode business many of our packages have.

And inside were some lovely treats. Candles, napkins, soap, and a notepad, all from Sweden, a cute address book with a black kitty (just like Cocoa) on the front, and handmade stitchmarkers (the first fancy stitchmarkers I've ever had made for me!).

But the real treats are the yarn and patterns, of course! ~1200 yards of a lovely 100% laceweight Finnish wool, and ~600 meters of the yummy reddish Swedish laceweight wool. And the topper is the book of patterns - Estonian lace charts! My swapper was kind enough to provide a translation of the chart symbols, but I think it'll take some major concentration on my part to decide what to make from this!

My swapper was the wonderful Marika! Thanks Marika! I love everything and can't wait to decide what to make!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

When life hands you lemons

One of the downsides to working for a large school district is that they pretty much own you. After a few weeks of school, if one school is low in number of students and another is over the student/teacher ratio, they can move the teacher with the least experience to any school and grade level they want. Guess who got moved this week?

They told me yesterday late afternoon, my last day at my school was today and I have the next two days to tear down one classroom, pack and move everything, and set up my new classroom. And meet parents. And write lesson plans for a new grade level. And get students on Monday.

Yep. It sucks. It means that I can't walk to work anymore (I'm really NOT looking forward to driving and this pretty much blows our idea of getting rid of one of our cars next year). And my kiddo won't go to the same school as me. And now I have major childcare issues.

But at least I have a job. For this year, anyway.

So what do you do when you're not sleeping? Start a new sock, of course. A pink lemonade lacy scallops sock. I hope this turns out better than the first four weeks of school have.

Apologies for the craptastic photo. Not a lot of natural light late at night.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What to say.....

Another FO. Not for me - for my momma, hence the somewhat craptastic pictures. But it's done. Yippee. I hope you like it momma. I'm still debating a single crochet edging, but I'll let you decide that when you actually get to try it on in a few days!

Pattern: Mine, from the Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns
Yarn: Classic Elite Provence - 2 skeins (a lot of bang for your buck!)
Needles: Sz 13 Clover Bamboo Circs - 2 pairs (after one was eaten by the lab)
Gauge: 3 st/in - light and lacy on purpose.
Mods: none
Thoughts: I hope it fits you mom!

And as for the blue blob from Sunday - that's the Baltic Sea Stole, all knitted up, waiting to be blocked. I block on The Girl's bed, so I had to wait for her to go to her mom's tonight to block it. It's all pinned out now - looks great, I can't wait to show you. I hope sis likes it. And no, it didn't take 10 years to knit, it just felt like it at times! Hopefully it'll be dry for pictures soon!

I also got my lovely lace swap package on Saturday, but ran out of daylight to take it's picture today - soon, I promise!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Friday, September 01, 2006


I had nearly no voice today at school, and the two margaritas during dinner have pretty much wiped me out. Not a lot of excitement around here. But I have high hopes for the weekend!

August Goals
1. Finish Baltic Sea Stole. Sooooooo close
2. Start neutral (grey) socks. Cuffed. Nothing else done
3. Finish hubbo's second sock. Cuffed.
4. Start hubbo's xmas sweater. Started. Can't work on it in front of him. May never be done.
5. Work on Log Cabin blanket. Not touched.
6. Knit and felt sheep. DONE!!!! WOO HOO!!!
7. Finish mom's shrug/bolero. All the pieces are knitted - needs a good steam blocking and seams!
8. Try to finish Leaf Lace. Not touched.
9. If time, restart blue and purple socks. Nope.

I did work on several things that were not on the goals list though. Some credit for that?

September Goals
1. Finish Baltic Sea Stole.
2. Finish Mom's shrug/bolero.
3. Finish Sophie (special "order").
4. Finish second dishcloth set (special "order).
5. Start felted hat (special "order").
6. Finish hubbo's anniversary socks.
7. Finish green & pink trekking socks.
8. Finish purple cotton socks.
9. Work on gift socks.
10. Birthday gift #1 started and finished.
11. Birthday gift #2 started and finished.
12. Start Green Cabled Hoodie.
13. Start Licorice Whip.
14. Start and finish dinosaur (special "order").
15. Work on Leaf Lace.
16. Restart Clapotis.
17. Work on hubbo's xmas sweater.
18. Start hubbo's xmas socks.
19. Start gift socks #2
20. Some progress on grey socks and dye-o-rama socks.
21. Work on Log Cabin if time allows.

Um. I think that's enough. Yikes.