Sunday, April 16, 2006


Sometimes I manage to tear myself away from my knitting long enough to do something else. And sometimes those something elses turn out pretty good!

I really wanted to make The Girl a bunny for Easter, but didn't want to knit one. I knew I had found a solution when I saw this cutie! In the spirit of using what I have, I raided The Girl's box of outgrown clothes. She had a cute tank top with pink and orange flowers on it (back of bunny) and a pink shirt that had a glittery heart on the front (and lots of stains), but the back worked great for my purposes.

However. Yeah - knit shirts, not the easiest things to sew up. My bunny is a bit lumpy and has some tension issues around the curves, but I have to say, I think she's pretty cute!

I made her a pink and yellow pompom tail with some leftover acrylic yarn - acrylic yarn makes great pompoms! It's so sturdy that they really stay puffed out - so often my wool ones have gotten droopy.

I also dug out my box 'o beads a few nights ago (after I had to rip out the second P sock - don't ask) to make some gifts, and decided to finally use some beads that had been sitting in the stash for a few months. (See - more using what I have!) I really really like this - it's a bit funky, a bit hippy, and very cute, without being cutesy. This one is for me! :)

And I worked on my PS postcard for some time yesterday. I decided after last month's that I wanted to try a different "medium" for each swap. The first postcard was fabric and ribbon covered. After digging around in the craft boxes I found my box of acrylic paints and paint pens. I forgot how much I love these things! I painted a table a few years ago (that got lost in a move) with a whole underwater scene on it - I think I have a picture somewhere - if I find it I'll share it with y'all.

I messed this up three times before deciding that "less is more" and settled on this.
It'll go out in the mail tomorrow!

Whew! I'm off to create a last minute gift - if it works out I'll show you! Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. I love the cute necklace. Maybe it's time for me to dig out my beads and make something too.

  2. Love the bunny. What a great idea!

  3. Hi Jenn! Cute bunny! :) I need to get my postcard out today ... and as for the Sinfonia, I like it a lot already ... I think the sportweight has always thrown me off (I really need instant gratification) but I now think this would be a great sub for DB Baby Cashmerino baby items, though it says not machine washable. The 200yds per sk is a plus. have you seen the "Jennifer Knitter" webring? I'm on it ... Happy monday to you!

  4. The best part? They all match your lovely new template!

    How do you get your comments to pop up in this nice little box instead of that annoying page?