Monday, April 24, 2006

How many days until Christmas?

'Cause I've got too many gifts on the needles, and none of them are Christmas presents!

1. Pink Blob (see yesterday's post for photo).

2. Blue Blob - cannot be identified as it might give it away!.

3. That '70s Sock - so named because I think it looks like an afghan from 1974.

4. My sister's wedding shawl. There has been a bit of progress on this in the past few days.

5. The Husband's Pirate Hat. Yeah. No progress since March. But when it's 90 degrees outside you don't really *need* a hat, right?

I really don't want to start thinking about Christmas knitting, but I may already have a list of possibilities.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with lists. I LOVE making them. But then I get really depressed when everything on them doesn't get done. My list making mania is only made worse on days that I have five minute breaks between tutoring groups. I can only go to the bathroom or get a drink of water so many times a day. Many days I use those minutes to make lists. And more lists. And even more lists. These are the knitting "goals" lists.

Check out that picture - "goals" through NOVEMBER! I am insane.

The hate relationship with the lists also plays in here - I have all these "ideas" of when to knit things, which makes me a.) never want to knit them or b.) knit them all RIGHT NOW.

I may have also made lists of what all of the yarn in the stash was for (also making me want to knit it all right now), and a list of all the sock yarn/small projects, AND a list of all the projects I want yarn for (just off the top of my head, not actually going through the books/magazines - that's a whole other list). It's a bit indimidating.

I also think I've reached a breaking point of sorts - I think I've got too much going at once. I tried to rationalize this yesterday by telling myself that two of the sweaters on the needles are *almost* done, and that a lot of things were gifts, but it didn't really make me feel better. My goal (and y'all have to help hold me to it!) is to *at least* not cast on anything until May 1. I'm thinking this is doable - I've got a variety of interesting projects, small and large, complicated and simple. I think I should try to limit myself to five projects at a time - seems like a good number, not too big, not too small!

What do you think? Do you make lists? How many projects is too many?


  1. have you ever had your head examined?

    you're a tasky person if nothing else. :)

  2. I know lots of people who do that although I don't do it myself.

    I think you could hold off till May first, it's only a week.

    Good luck with that!

  3. Wow - you are a master list maker. And this is from one to another. :) I have spread sheets of all my stash, with sock yarn having it's own list of course. I also have lists of projects I have the yarn for, projects I want to knit/buy yarn for and projects I am actually knitting right now. Oh and all the lists have pictures of the yarn and pattern/project as well.

    I'm not a control freak. Really. I'm not.


  4. I'm a listy person too. But lately I've realized there is some sort of therapeutic value in listing things. Then I can get them out of my head and not be juggling all these things I am trying to remember.

    And often, once the list is made I don't look at it again. A couple months later it surfaces on my desk and I can only shrug and recycle it. It must make way for newer lists. I know this sounds insane, but it is how it works for me. I'm working at acceptance...

    Anyways, not casting on anything new before May 1 is definitely a good goal to have. That's only five more days to go! You can do it! ;) For me, having more than two or three projects on the needles at one time doesn't work. But then I'm a slow knitter.

  5. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Count me as a list-maker too! I make lists to relieve myself of keeping it all in my head. Once it's on "paper", it's there and I can return to it as i need to. Sometimes I feel the list "staring" at me, but I can usually remind myself that the world will not end, really, if such and such does not get done. So I let it go.

    Lists are good as long as they don't rule your life. i would say there are too many porjects when you feel overwhelmed and aer no longer enjoying the process. For some people, I suppose that's 2 projects, for others, 10. It depends on the complexity of the project, too. I have to have at least several (3-6) projects at any one time because they fill difference purposes. Easy TV knitting, complex learning a new technique knitting, etc.