Sunday, April 02, 2006

Colors and memes and gifts, oh my!

It was super easy for me to find red/pink things last month, but I suspect it will be more difficult to find orange/yellow. I do like orange though, so I'm sure there's some hiding around here.....

Ah ha! Some orange/yellow yarn! I am missing a few skeins - the orange gifted by Jen, some yellow/orange green sock yarn from Knitpicks, and my blue/orange Midnight Knitter Vesper sock yarn.

Some of this will get knit up this month, but my first priority is finishing my Sockpal socks. However, this didn't stop me from getting knitter's ADD yesterday:

I am at the gusset on my pink socks (my least favorite part of course!), so I started the Inside Out Sweater from Knitscene (mine will not have pom poms hanging off of it!). I had to rip and reknit three times to get gauge, and by then my hands hurt from the cotton, so I worked on my sockpal socks, but didn't pay attention to the part of the pattern that tells you to move stitches after each repeat, so I had to rip back seven rows. It got put in time out for a while after that. So I worked on the sleeve for Chrysalis for a bit. And finally, that pretty yarn from Webs was screaming from the stash, so I calmed it down at bit - over half of the back of the V-neck sweater from the Yarn Girls Guide to Beyond the Basics (best picture I can find of the finished object is here).

So, with all this starting, did I finish anything off my list last month?

1. Start sockpal socks - STARTED
2. Start and finish Knitpicks socks - ONE FINSIHED, ONE HALF DONE
3. Finish ribby cardi - DONE!
6. Some progress on leaf lace shawl - NOPE
7. Swatch/start sweater with joann's yarn - OVER HALF DONE
8. Gift for baby of undetermined sex. - NOPE

What shall I do this month?
1. Finish sockpal socks and mail package
2. Finish pink socks
3. Start orange/yellow socks
4. Finish Chrysalis
5. V-neck bulky sweater done
6. Start yellow/green/orange Knitpicks socks
7. Work on inside out sweater
8. Work on leaf lace shawl
9. Some progress on stripey cardi
10. Dishcloths for gift

There's a bunch of other stuff I'd like to do, but they're not goals.

I forgot to show y'all my postcard that I made for Tara - here. I really like the way it turned out - simple, but pretty, if I do say so myself! Time to get thinking about the orange/yellow one.

I know this post goes on forever, but I couldn't resist this meme from Laura.

Put your iPod on shuffle and ask it the following questions. NO CHEATING.

How does the world see you? Not What I had in Mind - Kelly Willis

Will I have a happy life? Barricades & Brickwalls - Kasey Chambers

What do my friends really think of me? Revelator - Gillian Welch

What do people secretly think of me? Penny Lane - The Beatles

How can I be happy? Side of the Road Lucinda Williams

What should I do with my life? Galileo - Indigo Girls

What is some good advice for me? Vicious World - Rufus Wainwright

How will I be remembered? Keep on the Sunny Side - The Whites

What is my signature dancing song? Warm & Tender Love - Caitlin Cary

What do I think my current theme song is? Harverster of Hearts - Rufus Wainwright

What does everyone else think my current theme song is? A Better Son/Daughter - Rilo Kiley

What song will play at my funeral? Summer Night City - ABBA

What type of men do you like? Red Clay Halo - Gillian Welch

What is my day going to be like? Money, Money, Money - ABBA

Verrrrrry interesting!

Oh, and I got a lovely prize from Keohinani for taking part in her contest! It's so very pretty, and it's orange and yellow! Brook Farms Four Play in the colorway Vera. What to knit with it?

What project shall I knit first today? Yup, better work on those sockpal socks!

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