Friday, June 02, 2006

What is K for?

Listen up boys and girls! It's contest time!

The prize will be yarny (unless you're not a knitter, and then I'll find something else for you), of course.

The contest?

What is my K?

I'll even give you a hint.

It's my husband's name.

Send your entries to knitnlitcontest AT gmail DOT com. Do not leave them in the comments!

You've got until midnight(CST) Sunday June 4th to enter.

Good luck!

Of course, those of you who KNOW hubby are excluded. Sorry! I still love ya!

ETA: Okay all you smarty pants, coughscoutcoughchris, you have to chose ONE name!


  1. Anonymous7:50 AM

    What, no hints? Rats.

  2. Yeah, I with Kat...hints...I will have to "hunt" through your posts!!!

  3. I know! I know! And I even got to meet him today! But don't worry - I won't tell.

    So fabulous to see you both. We made it to Odessa before collapsing. But they have internet and a pool, so it can't be all bad. My Texas is a big state!

  4. Anonymous7:45 PM

    I know what it is......!!! should I give them my email so someone can win the prize... hmmm ever so tempting to spoil your fun! HA!