Sunday, June 04, 2006

Perfect Strangers

Remember that show? About the two grown men who lived together? Hmmm, a little creepy now that I think about it.

Anywho, we had a VIV* here yesterday, accompanied by her manslave chauffer, and sweet ride. Who could it be now?

Remember way back in March when I went to Boston? Well, I was supposed to get to meet up with a fellow blogger, but due to circumstances beyond my control (my sister's flight arrival time), I had to cancel. I was saddened by my loss.

Fast forward a few weeks, and who happens to be driving through Texas on their cross-country road trip? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

That's right! Ms. Navy Doctor herself - Theresa!

She & Billy ('cause really, I feel like he's more of a Billy than a Bill), made a pit stop on their long trek through Texas and came to see us! We had a delightful time showing them around the Fort - a quick jaunt through the museums and downtown, and on to the Stockyards ('cause what's a visit to Fort Worth, "Where the West Begins" without a visit to the part of town that started it all?).

We saw a lot of a few cows.

They "drive the herd" twice a day for all the tourists. We could have had our picture taken on a longhorn as well, but there was a line, and well, it was hot.

After a lovely lunch of Mexican food (besides barbeque, what else would you eat in Texas?), and a quick jaunt to the yarn store (of course), and some time chilling at the house we sent them on their way across Texas, in search of Odessa, en route to Tuscon and then, finally, San Diego.

All this time together, and what do I have pictures of on my camera? Cows.

We had a great time - I drug the hubby along (so Billy wouldn't have to suffer through any more knitting conversations), and I think the boys had as much fun as we did! We did get Billy into the yarn store, but sadly, he did not learn to knit. Not enough time!

While there was knitting (in the backseat of the car we both worked away on our socks whilst the men drove us around), and some talk of knitting, we actually (and probably to the great relief of the men) didn't talk about the knitting all that much. It's so interesting how one little thing can bring people together, but not be the focal point of a conversation/day/friendship.

I have to admit - the hubbo was giving me grief for inviting a "perfect stranger" over to my house. "What if she's a serial killer?" he asked. "But she's a knitter!" "Yeah, well, she could poke our eyes out with double pointeds!"

Happily, we now rest firm in our knowledge that Terri (as her family calls her - so cute!) and Billy are NOT serial killers. Whew! (Or maybe they are and we were lucky to escape.....naw!).

Sadly, I had to send her on her way to bigger and brighter things. It's a double edged sword, this meeting strangers. On one side, just getting to meet your "blogging friends" is a treat (and proof for your husband that you really aren't just making it all up!), but then, when you have a good time with them, it sucks that they won't be at knitting group on Tuesday night. That you can't just hang out whenever. Ah well. Perhaps a trip to San Diego is in order next summer!

*VIV - Very Important Visitor
Go bug Theresa - I know she's got more pictures than I do!
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  1. wow! how cool!
    i went to dallas / ft. worth last year for a trip, and we got to go over to those stockyards! we did the maze and rode the mechanical bull and everything. such tourists :) very fun, though!

  2. Anonymous12:35 PM

    That's so cool! The knit-blogging community is awesome, even for the blogless!

  3. How cool!

    It's hard for the non-initiated to get it, isn't it? I've met local bloggers and had a blast, and my coworkers were like "huh? you did what over the weekend?" They find my Knitblogger's Tour of the West (well, ok, Colorado & New Mexico) completely incomprehensible. ("You're going to meet strangers and stay in their houses?! What??? Make sure you cross train someone before you leave... just in case.")

  4. You are so cute! Kent and my dad should hang out and discuss: Are knitting bloggers actually serial killers? For a while my dad had this theory about men named Bubba in federal prisons posing as knit bloggers . . .

    I agree that he's more of a Billy to me, as well. (We like nicknames in my family.) And we both had a fabulous time.

    Sorry I was so remiss in blogging about it (Texas - so huge!), but I'm writing the post now and will publish it tomorrow. Whew - good to be back!