Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I'm alive - I guess that's good! Sorry for the days between posts - when summer school starts I forget that the only way I have time to blog is if I do it while the coffee is brewing. Let's sum up with a quick run through of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Good: Today is Thursday. That means tomorrow is Friday.

Bad: Today is only Thursday.

Ugly: After Friday I still have three more weeks of summer school.

Good: Fanny won the contest! My K is for Kent!

Bad: I have no good pictures of him, and frankly, no desire to take any.

Ugly: I still haven't mailed Fanny her package. Maybe tomorrow?

Good: I got yarn in the mail on Monday!

Bad: I have no picture of it.

Ugly: And no time to knit it.

Good: We're going to Colorado for a week after summer school!

Bad: We're leaving right after I finish tearing down on the last day - at 7 or 8 pm.

Ugly: When we get back I'll only have 3 weeks until teachers report back. Where does the summer go?

Good: I'm teaching a kiddo knitting class this summer for my new LYS.

Bad: I don't have the sample done yet.

Ugly: I really don't like the yarn I'm using for it (Lamb's Pride) as it sheds all over me and is a bit too scratchy for my taste.

Good: Hubbo and I bought Tennis racquets on Sunday so we can get some exercise and spend time together.

Bad: My arm is sore.

Ugly: After he drug me out of bed at 6 am yesterday to play, when I walked in the door from working ten hours (and commuting 45 minutes each way) last night, his first words weren't "Hi honey," they were "wanna go play?"

Good: I'm loving the Leaf Lace Shawl.

Bad: I haven't touched it since Sunday.

Ugly: I think at that rate it's going to take me five lifetimes to finish.

I think that sums up the goings-on around here. I'll try to take some pictures for next time. Finally, let me ask you a qustion IN the spirit of needing something easy to knit that wasn't a sock, I *may* have cast on for a new project. Did I cast on for Kyoto, NBAT, or Picovoli?


  1. Hey Jenn! Missed you at knit night tonight, but sounds like you are crazy busy. They told me you were doing the kids class - cool! I am with you on the Lamb's Pride, though it does felt well, obviously. Saturday KIP at the Kimbell sounds cool though, and if I will definitely try to make it.

    Also, thanks for the compliments on the shawl, etc. It was fun!

    And while I *love* the Kyoto, Picovoli looks like a flattering easy knit. Hmmm! ;)

  2. Wait, when did you have time to cast on for a new project?! :)