Saturday, June 03, 2006

Cripple along with me

I had grand plans. Cast on the night before, and start the Trek-along on the morning of June 1 by taking my Trekking socks for a walk. I was prepared. I had a small bag ready to hold my yarn. I had my ipod charged. I even got up when my alarm went off.

Everything started out fine. We were burning up the road. There was ABBA and five DPNs working their mojo.

Then the pain started. A blister, of course. No biggie. After dancing for years, I knew how to handle a blister. But when you're about a mile from home, you walk through the pain and take care of it later.

I got home. I took my handy sterilized needle and popped them (two - one on each heel), to release the pus (I hope you're not reading this over dinner!). Hunky dorey.

The pain started again later that day. It seemed I had not gotten all of the yuck out, so I popped one again. I was fine until that evening. They hurt all night.

Friday morning I got up, got some gauze and antibiotic ointment and bandaged them up. One still hurt.

By Friday night I was in pretty severe pain on my left heel. It looked like the blister might be infected. So I made the (drastic) decision to trim the skin off of the top of the blister. Ouch. it actually feels much better now (though last night I thought I was going to go nuts it hurt so bad), but I'm concerned about wearing closed back shoes starting Monday every day all day.

I know some of you can't resist it, but I don't want to gross y'all out. If you really want to see it, click here.

Here's the current state of the Trekking sock. I may have been "outed" by the hubbo - he saw me knitting it, and asked where that yarn had come from. Oops. So much for trying to keep some of the knitting purchases on the downlow.

I also started my blue Project Spectrum sock. I stuck with the Cherry Tree Hill, and, in keeping with the spirit of the Amazing Lace, cast on a Feather & Fan pattern from Socks, Socks, Socks. I'm really enjoying both the yarn and the pattern, so I hope to see some quick progress on these.

My One-Skein pal struck yesterday! A yummy skein of sock yarn that I haven't tried yet!

Even the hubbo is excited by this - he told me that I should cast on just to see how it knits up. He's enabling me! Too bad he doesn't carry that enabling over to the yarn store.

Don't forget to guess hubbo's name by tomorrow night!


  1. Oh, that SUCKS about the blisters. Hopefully you're back trekking in now time! At least your sock looks very cool so far.

    Alianne Knits just finished a pair of socks out of Step, if you want to see what it looks like. It's VERY COOL.

  2. I'm not even looking at the picture. I get blisters way too easily & I feel your pain!

    I have some of that Step yarn too - haven't used it yet though.

  3. Darn! The drug store should have a product called Mole skin. It protects the blisters from rubbing so you can wear shoes. See if it will work tomorrow. Your sock looks great but do take care and break in those shoes slowly!

  4. Your socks are going to be beautiful! I love the colors of your yarn. Yucky blister! I hope that it is feeling better! OUCH!