Monday, June 12, 2006

Ready to run (or walk)

So I splurged this weekend during a visit to TJMaxx (one of the best stores ever!), and bought myself some new sneakers. Heck - they were only $35, and I desperately need new shoes. Besides the terrible blister causing shoes, my other pair is on its last legs - almost no tread on the bottom and wearing through the toe. I just want them to make it through Colorado this summer and then they'll be remanded to the garage to be yard shoes.

Speaking of my blister - it is SO. MUCH. BETTER. I found the miracle worker - Dr. Scholl's Blister Pads (something like that). I was just going to buy some moleskin and pad the area around the blister so that it wouldn't be rubbed, but these are great. They have a small pad to relieve the pressure (which works SO well that I NEVER felt my blister even wearing tennis shoes for 11 hours each day), and has medicine inside to help heal the blister. After 3 days I didn't need to wear them anymore. 3 DAYS. Miracle. My feet are so happy, and so glad to be back on the trail!

Unfortunately, during the blister healing process, I didn't run or walk, so the only way my Trekking socks have grown is during car rides with hubbo driving. Hey, it's still movement, right? Miles and I did take a run/walk on Saturday, and we're looking forward to some more this week. It's so nice to go out early (6:15ish) when it's not hot yet and the sun is still waking up. With my ipod and great episodes of knitting podcasts to listen to, it's fun for all!

Perhaps this weekend we can take a real trek!


  1. You've got everything. It's still cool at 6:15? I connected in DFW yesterday (ironic, isn't it?) and it was 98 degrees at 8pm. Crazy.

  2. Anonymous5:30 PM

    waitaminute. Are you saying that you only have three pairs of shoes? Only Three?

    ...I feel a little dizzy...

    (I am a shoe-aholic so only owning three pairs is unfathomable...)

  3. Happy new shoes! Your sock is such a lovely color...

  4. Anonymous1:35 PM

    I'm with Jessalu... It's pretty much unbelievable in my universe that you might only own three pairs.

    Good pun, or anthropomorphizing or something. I can't remember my literary terms, but it made me hoot to read "my shoes are on their last legs."