Thursday, June 01, 2006

Am I too blue for you?

Am I too blue for you?
Am I too blue?
When I cry like the sky
Like the sky sometime
Am I too blue?

Is the night too black?
Is the wind too rough?
Is it at your back?
Have you had enough?

"Am I too blue for you?" by Lucinda Williams

June is here, and with it brings the blue. I am shocked at the amount of blue yarn I've got, especially since I usually graviate to "warm" colors. (I've got a LOT of blue Cotton Ease - for my sake I only drug out one bag of each color.)

And the blue sock yarn on it's own.

I was thinking that I wanted to use the blue JaWoll for my June socks, but I sort of already committed to my blue CTH sock yarn way back at the beginning of Project Spectrum. Hmmmm. Perhaps both will get cast on this month.

What got done in May? Not a whole hell of a lot.
May Goals:
1. Finish April socks. Done!
2. Finish Those '70s Socks - one done
3. Start and finish May socks. - DONE!
4. Finish blue blob - Done!
5. Some progress on stripey cardi. - ripped
6. Some progress on inside out sweater. - ripped
7. Restart Leaf Lace Shawl Shawl. Yep - restarted on May 31.
8. Dishcloths for gift done. - Done!
9. Some progress on pink blob. - A few rows done this week.
10. Some progress on wedding shawl. Nope
11. Restart leaf socks (ripped way back in December). Nope
12. If both sweaters are finished, start new sweater. Nope
13. Spring KAL project. Nope

It doesn't seem like I got a lot done, but I did knit four and a half socks, several dishcloths, ripped two sweaters and restared some lace projects. Wow - that adds up to a sock a week - pretty good pace! Just think, if I could keep that up, that would be 26 pairs of socks a year. Wow.

I also knit up some dishcloths for our house (after The Husband used our lovely pink and white ones to CLEAN THE TOP OF THE STOVE. It's not pink and white any more). I love the way the blue pools and stripes on these, which is oddly not noticable by just looking at them, but becomes very evident when they are photographed.

And The Husband's Pirate Hat is finished, but in need of a good blocking.

What's on deck for June?
1. Finish Leaf Lace Shawl.
2. Some progress on pink blob.
3. Some progress on Baltic Sea Stole (wedding shawl).
4. One pair of Trekking socks finished.
5. Blue socks finished.
6. Finish other That 70s Sock.
7. Finish one sock for The Husband.
8. Start some type of summery top.
9. Read 6 books (for the summer reading challenge).

Can we knit it? Yes we can!


  1. Scoop, Muck, and Dizzy, Roley, too,
    Lofty and Wendy join the crew.
    Pilchard and Bird Travis and Spud
    Knitting together like good friends should.

    Jenn the Knitter,
    Can we knit it?
    Jenn the Knitter,
    Yes, we can!

  2. you're too hard on yourself. my one knitting project that i started last JUNE and was just going to be one big square (easy) is still sitting in the bag with about 4 rows done...uh...

  3. I love how organized you are about your knitting. You are inspiring me to think about possibly being more organized about my knitting.
    ...was that vague enough? ;)

    Nice job, and my word you have June PS covered. I think I have one lone skein of blue yarn that I got from Mama E...guess I know what I have to cast on this month, huh?

    Also - have you gone to Yarns Ewenique knit-night yet? If you plan to some time, let me know!

  4. i love your new dishcloths! they're so zig-zag-y! and there is some SERIOUS blue going on over here. :) you are totally prepared for a blue month. totally. hehe.

  5. WOW! That is a lot of blue! You have quite a wonderful stash!