Sunday, June 25, 2006

If you want to destroy my sweater

Gauge. Struck. Again.

In my fit of starteritis a few weeks back I started 3 sweaters - NBAT, Picovoli and Kyoto. NBAT got ripped a few days later due to gague issues. Picovoli followed this week - too small. This is the final picture of her. She shall live again.

Last weekend I needed something mindless to take to the movies with us, and all of my socks were at points where I could not take them. So I decided to restart the inside out sweater (remember that one? The one that I ripped out the entire back of a few weeks ago because it was too small?), with size 8 needles.

Yep. Too big. Damn it.

After the sweater tragedies, I decided that I needed a time out. I had really wanted to work on sweaters this summer so that I would have new ones to wear in the fall. But it just doesn't seem to be in the cards. I know, I should stop and measure for gauge. But when I'm tired and grouchy, and need some immediate knitting satisfication, I don't take the time. So, until the current craziness of life is over (one more week baby!), I will not start anything new.

I was also inspired to try to finish things up when I realized that my last FO was way back in May. So I took the project nearest completion (OK, second closest), and worked on it exclusively. And I have my first FO for the month! Woot!

Pattern: K3P1 ribbing over 68 stitches.
Yarn: Knitpicks Sock somethingorother, Gladiolous
Needles: Chiagoo sz 2 bamboo DPNs. (LOVE THESE!)
Mods: n/a
Dates: Late April-June 25.
Thoughts: Love this yarn, love these needles, I just get bored of the ribbing. That's why I only have one pair of ribbed socks!
Best part? These are a Christmas gift done 6 months early! Woo Hoo!

I'm hoping to have one more FO this week to finish up the month - we'll see!

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  1. Those socks are great! Sounds like you need more immediate gratification, no gauge concerns projects...

  2. :( The gauge monster got you.

    You should take up Log Cabin knitting - so mindless & satisfying for summer!

  3. Christmas? I'm not even ready for it to be Monday!

    Lovely socks. Way to go.

  4. Oh, I hate it when gauge happens! The socks are great. I just ordered some KP sock somethingorother. I haven't knit with their sock yarn yet.

  5. Poo...sorry to hear about the sweater troubles. Grrr!
    Love the socks though! :o)

  6. ...pull this thread as I walk awaaay...

    Love the Weezer reference!

    Earlier in the spring, I had this big Sweater moment too, and I did do gauge swatches and they STILL weren't working out to be the right size. So I have put most of the sweater projects down for now too. But I'm about to pick them back up.

    Look at you and your holiday knitting. You rock.

    Budget constraints prevent me from joining swaps for a little while -- sorry to be missing out on this one! It looks like fun!

  7. I fear sweaters just for that reason...I love the Picovoli pattern though. I'm sure that it will get there. Nice job on the socks, I have not used knitpicks yarn yet, can't beat the price.

  8. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Great job on your socks -- taking back the power from those gauge problems! Hope that you can tame them soon.