Monday, June 26, 2006

Jumping on the bandwagon

I find it very amusing that Stephanie commented on my last post that I should start a Log Cabin Blanket. 'Cause that's what I've been planning to do!

I wanted to make a blanket for The Girl for some time now (I plan on it being a Christmas gift), but I couldn't decide on a pattern. Mitered squares? Ripples? Log Cabin? During the JoAnn's sale last weekend I grabbed two more skeins of yarn with my 40% coupons (yep. I use them for the big $2.89 purchases).

I tried to draw out the pattern with the colors I had, but I couldn't get a good feel for how it would look with only initials for the color placement. Time to dig out the colored pencils!

The more I played with this design the more I enjoyed it. I like how it looks like little paths through the blanket. The colors in my drawing are not accurate to the yarn colors, so here you go.

I am however not looking forward to the heat of knitting a blanket during Texas summers, so we'll see how long my motivation lasts!

I'm resisting casting on right now with every fiber of my being (haha! - fiber!). I really want to finish up one more thing before we leave for our trip, so I'm trying to keep focus.


  1. That should be fun! Knitting a blanket in air conditioning won't be too bad, will it? Or am I wrong in assuming that everyone south of Iowa needs air conditioning to survive??!

  2. That's a great pattern - fabulous for a girl!

  3. Oh - such lovely colors! Just turn the AC down into the 60's.

  4. The colors look great! Don't cast on for it until you have finished anything else you care about - because once you Log Cabin you never go back! :)

    I am on section 8 of the Modern Baby Blanket & I've only been at this about a week. I'm giving this one to my little daughter (aka - The Princess of All She Wishes) and the colors are based on those of her favorite toy. I've got to get a picture but I don't want to stop knitting it long enough!

  5. Beautiful colors! Simply Soft is a very accurately named yarn.

  6. Oooh, those colors are lovely for a girly Log Cabin blanket. I totally LOL'd that you use the 40% coupons on Simply Soft!! :))

  7. Nice colors! The log cabin blanket is going to be lovely!