Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Suggestions

I hate the word "resolution" - it sounds so final, and I always feel horrible if I don't accomplish my "resolutions." Last year I didn't make any, but I'd like to take the chance to publicly "out" myself, so that y'all can mock me when I've gotten nothing done on January 1 2007! (No, I'm kidding - but seriously, I'm going to try).

I've seen Yoda quoted on several blogs this weekend - "Do or do not do. There is no try." Well Yoda, I'll try to do! :)

Things I *want* to do this year:

1. Get off my ass. I'm fighting that Knitter's Arse, and being unemployed for weeks hasn't helped. Luckily, my lovely sister gifted me with a oh-so-cute new cycling jersey, socks and armwarmers. I really want to be on my bike more, as running makes my legs itch (I'm a freak - I know it), but to do this I'm going to have to take control. Case in point: told The Husband that I wanted to ride today, but he had a flat (that he was too lazy to fix) so we didn't go. I could go by myself, but I don't know how to change a tube. So, I will be learning.
I want to walk the dogs more as well as do more yoga. I bought myself a DVD last year for xmas, and there is a yoga show on one of the fitness channels, so hopefully between the two, I can do some. This takes us to number two:

2. Make the morning mine. I get up an hour before everyone else to have some "Jenn time" and always seem to end up sitting on my ass (see number one!) reading blogs. I want to get up and do a few minutes (30 or so) of yoga and then sit on my ass.

3. Drink more coffee. I know - this seems weird. But I have a horrible habit. Even though I have a programmable coffee pot, if I don't *do* it before bed, I'm too lazy to wait in the morning, as it is much faster to grab a Dr. Pepper. But seriously, DP for breakfast? Yuck. I will make the coffee before bed!

4. Eat "better." I've gotten a bit better this week (although there has been a lot of eating out). I've been eating relatively smaller portions, now I just need to eat more balanced meals. And eat breakfast. I've struggled with the eating since I've been home so much, I should be better when I go back to work.

5. Get a job. This is not a "try" option. I must have a job. It may not happen until halfway through the year, but I will have a "real" salaried job.

6. Read more. In many previous years I had topped the 110 number for books read. I haven't counted up the final tally yet (but soon), but I know it is a lot less. Most of this is due to the knitting. BK (before knitting) I didn't do much of anything but read. I hardly even watched TV. But I have shelves of books that I haven't read. Time to get cracking. I'd like to do a "52 books in 52 weeks" thing - something to consider. And there's no excuse since I can knit stockinette and read. Lots of plain socks!

7. Do more "other" crafts. I'd really like to sew more - I have a working machine and there are abundant relatively cheap fabrics to be had. I was bemoaning the giant hole in my favorite pj pants, and mom said "why don't you make some new ones?" So I'll be out scoping fabric soon. I'd also like to find a great skirt pattern and learn to do more with my machine (pockets and zippers come to mind).
I'd also like to do some beading and stamping/card making as I have supplies for this. Stay tuned.
This summer mom taught me the basics of embroidery, and I'd love to work more on this as I think it would add so much to a gift - initials on a tote come to mind. I also love some of the cute new patterns out there.
And finally, in crafty goodness, I'd like to cross stitch more. I used to do this quite a bit, but it got put on the back burner with the knitting. While I was in Indiana, I saw a beautiful Mary Engelbreit santa that I made for mom, and I made me want to make one for myself. I'm nearly done with one project and I'm a bit into The Girl's stocking. I'd like to have that done for Christmas next year.

8. Learn new knitting techniques. I'd like to make a sweater (already started!), knit some patterned socks, do a more ambitious lace project, do a project with a complicated cable and learn to read charts. I'd also like to work on my finishing. There are many many projects that I want to do, too many to list here.

9. Keep the house relatively clean and organized. Self-explanatory.

10. Open for more options. I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting. And that's OK.

There are other, more personal goals, but those are just for me, not for the internets.
I'll return tomorrow with monthly goals and *finally* some photos!


  1. Anonymous7:17 PM

    My legs itch when I run, too! If I am playing a game (hockey, basketball, etc) I can ignore it, but if I am just running/jogging, I can't. You are not alone! (and phew, neither am I).


    Happy 2006!

  2. I, too, have been reading a lot less since I started knitting. For at least this coming semester, I'm reading a book a week. So far, so good ;) Is it weird that we need goals for things we like to do?

  3. Those look like good resolutions. I actually am resolving to drink LESS coffee, as I will drink it all day during the winter. I plan to switch to tea after breakfast. Also, I have had pop for breakfast MANY times. I have a documented Diet Cherry Coke problem. So I am also trying to use pop as a treat, rather than my primary source of hydration! And I was also thinking the same thing about reading -- I'd like to be reading more. Audiobooks?