Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Cop-out post

I'm a bit tired and grouchy today so a brief quickie for you. But really it's a good thing because I have been lax in the knitting updates, right?

So, a KAL update:

Red Scarf Project: Nearly through the end of the first skein. Gonna take two. Really not liking that realization, especially since this has to be done by Saturday and tomorrow is Wednesday. Yikes.

Cover Your Head: Em's hat has a ribbed brim. Yup. That's it.

Irish Hiking Scarf: See above.

Evelyn A. Clark: No progress since the last post. But really, my goal for it this month was only to start. This totally counts.

Six Socks: Hoping I like the next sock, but since it has beads, I'm not sure.

KOTR: No progress since last post. Hoping to have them done by Valentine's Day for The Husband. However, I do realize that this interferes with the start date for the Olympics. So I guess I have to have them done by then. Yikes.

Jaywalker: About 1/3 through the foot. Loving the yarn, loving the pattern, hope the sock fits. No progress as all knitting time (and there hasn't been much of it) has been devoted to the red scarf. Have to be done by Valentine's Day - for me! See above for potential complications.

Scarf Style: About 1/2 way done with the turtleneck shrug. No knitting time recently, though I am wanting to wear it!!!

Ribby Cardi: Back completed. This was the goal for January, so I think it will be set aside to try to complete other goals.

Knit the Classics: Started Mrs. Dalloway. Liking it so far.

200Socks: Two socks knit!

Count your socks: Started with four pairs, now at five!

Branching Out: Um, yeah. Ignored completely.

Handknit Holidays: Nothing since the ornaments. Really want Log Cabin socks, but again, too many projects.

And the real sickness here? I keep wanting to join knit a-longs! What is wrong with me? If only I didn't have to work. So far, no job for tomorrow, and while that would be some prime knitting time, it won't pay the bills.

Wish I had more excitement for y'all, but a long day and general crabbiness make me pissy. May your knitting be better than mine!


  1. Ever try to wear something you haven't finished yet? I woke up yesterday thinking it would be a great day to wear Rogue. Too bad only the sleeves are done . . .

  2. did you sub somewhere horrible? if you need a laundry list of where NOT to sub, i can provide. :D