Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tuesday is KAL day!

So, a quick update.

KOTR KAL - doing lots of maths to figure out how to make the pattern big enough for The Husband's feet. Love your patterns Nancy Bush, but not all of us have geisha-sized feet! Include some alternatives!

Irish Hiking Scarf - Still need to do one more hat for sis.

Cover Your Head - that same hat.

Evelyn A. Clark - Have pattern and yarn. But have I already cast on?

Ribby Cardi KAL - Almost up to the shaping on the back.

Jaywalker - Cast on. More details tomorrow.

Scarf Style - Stil in the same place on the Turtleneck Shrug.

Handknit Holidays - Have yarn for two pairs of Log Cabin Socks. May start them in Feb. If it ever gets cold here.

Six Sox - Waiting for Feb/March pattern

Count your Socks - none done for me yet!

2000 Socks - one sock down!

Branching Out - may start in Feb. Still a bit intimidated by this one after all the restarts I went through this fall.

Knit the Classics - Excited to read Mrs. Dalloway - didn't read Tess 'cause I've read it four times. I'm thinking about knitting Flora from Knitty to be my project for this one.

Sockapaltwoza - Sock savior socks - one down, second cast on!

I also joined the Monthly Dishcloth KAL, but have yet to cast on. I've got the yarn sitting here next to me!

I've classified Naked Stix and the Weasley-along as finished. As soon as I finish the last hat (for sis) I'll retire the Irish Hiking Scarf and Cover your Head.

When do y'all consider your KALs finished? Especially something that you may make more than once?

I survived the first day of subbing. Nothing major happened, and it went pretty well, but honestly, it was boring. I guess that's to be expected. Doesn't make me look forward to tomorrow though!

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  1. just wait until you sub in stop 6 or any of "those kinds of schools"...it will be anything but boring. by the end of the day, i promise, you'll want to jump off the nearest tall building...wait, did i say that? i meant it will be a great learning experience!