Sunday, January 15, 2006

A lesson to mothers everywhere

Don't leave your babies home alone out of their cage. They will eat your yarn.

We left Miles (the lab) out of his kennel last night. He got into my purse, ate some lotion, my wallet, some advil and some candy. Oh, and some knitting.

Yesterday I cast on for Em's hat. See? Isn't it pretty?

What do you think of it now?

And here's the needles I had in the project.


Bought new needles at JoAnn's today (50% off coupon!), and ripped and rewound the ball. It has a few unusable sections (dirty), but I think I saved most of it.

Oh, and he got into my giant Knitpicks box (more on that tomorrow!), ripped open all of the plastic bags, and drug EVERY ball of yarn out and had it piled up around his bed. Much of it was pulled out of the skein. But I think it's all mostly OK. And The Husband told me tonight that he will wind all the damaged skeins for me tomorrow during our X-Files marathon (yea for no school!).

I wish I had a picture of what the living room looked like, but I was a *touch* upset, and taking pictures was furthest from my mind.

Lesson learned - he stays in the kennel.

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  1. Jenn- read your blog for the first time sound like me - if I could read and knit I'd be in heaven - trouble is I put the reading down before Christmas (too much knitting to complete) and haven't picked it up since - my book club ladies are getting a little annoyed with me!!
    Please send me info on your KAL - I'm new to blogging so don't know all the protocal yet -