Monday, January 16, 2006

Yarn P0rn!

So, I had this gift money that was just burning a hole in my pocket. Perhaps I shouldn't have spent it all at once, but I just couldn't resist. Plus, all I really have stashed is some Cotton-Ease, sock yarn and leftovers. Now I have some sweater yarn stashed!

First, from Elann:

Yarn for the Union Square Market Pullover (Cashmere!), and for the Fairly Easy Fair Isle. And tiny Brittany US 1.5 DPNs.

I decided I deserved some nice yarn for the USMP. Sure, it was expensive, but not as expensive as the yarn called for. Plus, it's cashmere! Say it again, cashmere!
For the Fair Isle I went with black for the main color, dark and light purple and light grey for the other colors.

And the biggie. The one Miles so enjoyed Saturday night. A giant box from Knitpicks.

Orange is Andean Silk for the Hourglass Sweater, dark green for the Men's Zippered Raglan for The Husband, Cranberry for Bristow, from Knitty, Dusk (blue) Merino Style for Baltic Sea Stole for Em's wedding, multicolored Andean Silk Twist for Cozy, Winter Night for Mom's Sophie and grey for hat for friend.

Whew, that's a lot of yarn! (I apologize for the out-of-focus picture, I didn't realize it until I had already put the yarn away, and I'm too lazy to retake it.)

Let's have a closeup of that Andean Silk Twist.

Ooh, pretty.

I also got some patterns - the Felted Clog Pattern, the Baltic Sea Stole and Knitting Vintage Socks. Not enough hours in the day.

And, finally in enhancement news, I got a gift from Jen! We kept her babies last week, so for a "thank you" she brought us prezzies!

My own sheepy mascot, a book I can't wait to read, and an oh-so-cute card. Can you read it? It says "Need Yarn." Ha ha!

But, sadly, there must be more stash enhancement in my future. I have signed on for the Harlot's Olympic challenge, and must decide what project to make. Choices, choices......


  1. Holy cow, that is some incredible yarn porn!! I've never seen so much yarn in one place at one time! (Can I come live with you? ;-)) And that cashmere must be absolutely yummy- you totally deserve it. What a cute present package, too! Take care! :-)

  2. I am green with envy!!

  3. Cheers to your yarn! I'm imagining how soft it is. I'm so very sorry about your experience with Miles. I suppose he liked its softness too. Boo :(

  4. Ooh, can I come roll in your yarn, you lucky woman!! Cashmere, what a luxury.

  5. HOORAY TEAM FAIR ISLE! I have heard the call for the button. Now I must ponder and fire up photoshop.