Friday, January 20, 2006

Progress, progress, progress

One piece down, four to go!

This is the completed back of Ribby Cardi. I finished her up on Monday during our X-Files marathon. She's two inches longer than the pattern calls for - I have to have my sweaters go down beyond the top of my jeans. I haven't worked on any other part of her yet, I've been busy with other things.

The Turtleneck Shrug almost is ready for the second side. Just an inch or two more and then I'll start sleeve two. I know, try to contain your excitement. All ribbing all the time here baby!

The front of Anouk is nearly done. Just a bit more, and then I'll do the pockets. I'm still thinking duplicate stitch for the flowers. I'm trying to finish this up so I can get it delivered to it's new momma. The front has gone much faster than the back - I did this tonight in just a few hours.

I was a bit unfaithful to my sockpal socks this week. I could not resist the Jaywalker calling on Tuesday - aren't they lovely? I'm really pleased with the way the Koigu is knitting up. It's soooooo soft and springy. I'm still worried that it's a bit too big, but we'll see. I plan to spend a great deal of time with her this weekend because....

The sockpal savior socks are done! I have to admit, I was worried that these wouldn't be done by my self-imposed deadline (today). But give me some great TV knitting time on Wednesday and a day off work on Wednesday, and voila, finished socks! Whew!

Pattern: Generic - from the Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns
Yarn: Trekking XXL in the ???? colorway (Miles ate the label)
Needles: Susan Bates DPNs, sz US 1.
Dates: Started mid December, finished Thursday January 19.
Gauge: 9 spi

I promise more pictures of these tomorrow - must wash and block them now!
Some thoughts on socks:
What it is about the gusset that makes me dread the sock? I used to hate picking up stitches, but now that doesn't bother me at all. It's the damn gusset. I'm not sure what exactly bothers me, but I think it has something to do with all the extra stitches and the having to keep track of which round I'm on (decrease or knit). Of course, in persepective, this is ridiculous. I enjoy the leg, but by the time I'm done with the gusset, I want to be done! Get me to the toe! I think part of that was all the knitting on a deadline I've been doing. I hope, that being able to work on the socks at my own pace, I'll enjoy them more.

Thanks for the thoughts on the ripping - I'll thinking I'll try it this weekend. The Husband and I also bought some kool-aid on sale last night, so there may be dying this weekend!


  1. The Koigu looks great in the Jaywalkers - I wonder why more people aren't using it? Do you find their skeins a little small, though?

  2. what if you didn't do a gusset, but did a short row heel instead? would that help? I am a short row heel devotee.

  3. Girl, you are a knitting machine!! Your ribby cardi looks wonderful as do your Koigu socks. LOVE the colorway you chose! And what an angel you are for being a sockpal savior- she's going to love them! That Trekking looks great. Take care! :-)