Saturday, January 07, 2006

It's NOT a Gift! KAL Update

Jess is having a difficult time deciding what color combo to use for her Tubey. Go help her make a decision! She's also working away on her Debbie Bliss Blissful Jacket. Looks great!

Sherrill already has a new FO for 2006! Go check out her oh-so-cute felted book jacket! I think all my books need one! She's also working on Flora and is oh-so-close to being done with her Hourglass sweater!

Aria has been busy! She's already crocheted her way through a skein of Simply Soft for the afghan she is making ALL FOR HERSELF! Go Aria!

Theresa has plans for two sweaters for herself. Tell her it's time to not worry about her Aunt Carol and Dad who want their own knitted items. Time for me!

Tara is sadly about to rip out her colorful jaywalker sock. :( But she is planning to dye up some more and start over! Yeah for socks for ourselves! And her too-cute little brothers are learning to knit! I hope they are knitting for themselves Tara!

Candsmom is without the internets currently, so we cross our fingers and wait to see just what she's been knitting up for herself! With all the beautiful yarn she's received lately, it has to be wonderful!

Laura is a busy knitter! She is working on Kepler (or KepLaura as she is calling it), Rib and Cable socks, Jaywalkers, and Lady Eleanor! Whew! Can't wait to see it all finished!

And, finally, me. I've been busy, though I have been remiss in blogging about it.

First is my turtleneck shrug. I'm a bit further than this pictures shows - almost ready to "split" for the neck part. It's been a bit mind-numbing to work on, but it is SO soft and I can't wait to wear the finished ojbect. Though it was 80-something degrees here today, a bit *too* warm to wear it.

Next is Ribby Cardi. I'm also further along than this picture shows. I'm nearly 12 inches through the back. I'm loving the way this is knitting up, and I'm very pleased with the color choice.

I keep intending to cast on for more projects for me, but well, there has been gift knitting. Shhhh! They'll revoke my membership! I'll talk about that tomorrow, not on KAL day!

If I missed anyone, or anyone else wants to join, please leave me a comment or email me!


  1. After I finish my two sweaters, a ribby cardi is next on my list. Glad you're liking it . . .

  2. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Is there a place where I can find information about the Not a Gift KAL? I linked from the 2006 KALs page, but don't see anything about it. Thanks.

  3. Lisa, if you happen to see this, you are welcome to join us! The only rule is that you knit something for yourself! Email me (at the top of the page) with your info. If you don't have a blog I can put up pictures you email me of your progress. Come join us!