Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday FO! and rant(s)

Long update today – I’ll wait while you retrieve your beverage of choice and a snack.

Ready? OK. (Ugh, I just thought of cheerleaders typing that. Blech).

First, let’s start things off right with a FO!

In honor of

Here’s what I’ve been working on, and finishing!

Pattern: Anouk by Kate Gilbert.

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Sugarplum, Banana and Popsicle Blue.

Needles: Sz US 6 Susan Bates Circs

Dates: Started sometime in late December, finished early last week, buttons sewn on Thursday night.

Mods: No cute flowers on pockets. L I tried intarsia (not so great), and duplicate stitch, and neither really looked great. And I’d rather have a cute dress that is lacking flowers than a cute dress with a mess on the bottom.

Thoughts: SO CUTE! I want to master that intarsia now so that I can do this again, properly! I also love the buttons – help from The Husband in choosing them. So cute!

Best part: Gifting it on Friday to one of my best friends. A few months ago I mentioned that one of my nearest and dearest was moving back to Tejas. Well she’s been here since December, and we’ve both been so busy that we couldn’t get together before the holidays. And then she was put on bed rest in January, so no travel for her. Since we had the day off Friday (teacher inservice!), we headed out to see her. Sadly, we had to drive right by Ikea (no $$ to spend!), but we’ll be back!
It was SOOOOOOO good to see her – we seriously have only seen each other a handful of times since we graduated five years ago. L She had mentioned that her son loved his mittens so much that he’s been wearing them around, even though it’s been close to 70 most days! J Knitty love! And she was showered with more knitty love on Friday – Anouk, the bunny hat and the pink booties and the baby cardi! (Pictures and details of that tomorrow!). And the pink bag! Whew! Her reaction was to say – “You’ve really got to teach me to knit now!”
AND, yesterday morning when I fired up the old computer, I got an email from her hubby – baby #2 was born Saturday night! Got those gifts to her just in time! Everyone is doing well, and the little one is so cute! Can’t wait to see her in the knitted goods!

Friday was also a great day because I got to hang out with two of my knitster girls (I kind of hate that term b/c of Vicki Howell), Jen and I supped and knit together and Sarah and I just hung out. So nice to spend a day with three lovely ladies!

Rant #1

The Husband took the red scarf to Einstein’s on the way to work Saturday. They told him that “we didn’t get any, so we’re not sending any in.” Um, hello? You got mine! Jerks! I’m a bit peeved, and I’m going to try to drop it off again on Tuesday, and if that fails I’ll donate it to a local charity/shelter. But really, you’re supposed to take it stinky bagel place!

Rant #2

I know some of you have been following along with the craziness over the Sew Fast Sew Sleezy nonsense. But they’ve really hit an all time low now.
They posted a statement (which has since been removed) about the “fight” over the S&B trademark, in which they referred to Debbie Stoller as “Ms. Stole-it” (aren’t they clever?!), accused her of “stealing” ideas and patterns, (um, I thought she put out calls for submission?), and were generally rude and unpleasant (hell of a way to win fans!).

They had previously wiped the forum boards clean at SFSE, and have since created new topics under several major US cities, asking if anyone “wants to get together to sew, knit or crochet?” Um, HELL NO! Today they went a step further and “clarified” their policy. My favorite part is that they are going to “contact your ISP and local authorities” if you discuss, link to, or advertise the S&B books. Right. How’s that going to work? I’m sure local law enforcement doesn’t have enough to do if I mention the books that got me started knitting on a public internet forum.

The “fighters-back” have posted a timeline of S&B usage. They are calling for a list/info of groups that were shut down by CafePress and Yahoo – tell them if your group was shut down, like ours.

In light of all this crap, and because I don’t want them to win twice, I changed the name of our Yahoo group – to FWKnits. Now they can’t get us!

A big thanks to The Girl from Auntie and Ms. Pea for keeping us updated on all this crap.

Whew! And for sticking through all of this, two lovely Jaywalker photos for you! Love these!
More FO tomorrow!

ETA: Oops! I almost forgot to tell you that Miles loved all of the attention from the other day - he sends his sloppiest kisses and lost of jumping up on you to everyone!


  1. Anouk is crazy gorgeous!! Congratulations to your friend- she's going to have so much fun dressing up her little one in that beautiful knit. Your Jaywalker looks fantastic, too!! LOVE the reds. That's so lame about Einstein's- why advertise that they'll send the scarves if they won't?? And ugh, the SFSE just never ends, huh? Take care and awesome job on the beautiful knits! :-)

  2. Anouk is really beautiful. I hope you will get some pictures of it in use!

    SFSE - I swear that only makes me want to go over to my blog and put a link to the SnB books in every single post I ever write!

  3. Holy guacamole! That Anouk is too cute. But it's the Jaywalkers that really capture the imagination. I LOVE the red. Must have red socks. Even though I really don't have any red clothes. Maybe I should change that.

  4. What a wonderful little baby dress, and the socks are great too!