Sunday, October 01, 2006


Socktoberfest is officially upon us, and what better way to kick it off than looking at what's on the needles?

Same old pile of socks. Some progress since last time - the purple sock got to the heel flap this weekend, and the green sock is nearly to it's heel flap too. The green socks had better get done soon - they are for the hubbo's anniversary gift, and our anniversary is next week! Yikes!

And what's waiting to be knit up?

Just over 50 pairs of socks sitting in the stash. Where has all the knitting time gone? Must get busy. Must knit faster.

I'll admit - I pulled a few skeins from the stash in preparations for the festivities. I want to cast on a new pair, but I should finish some first, right?

And to wrap up:
September Goals
1. Finish Baltic Sea Stole. DONE
2. Finish Mom's shrug/bolero. DONE
3. Finish Sophie (special "order"). DONE
4. Finish second dishcloth set (special "order). DONE
5. Start felted hat (special "order"). DONE
6. Finish hubbo's anniversary socks. second started
7. Finish green & pink trekking socks. One done!
8. Finish purple cotton socks. One done and second to the heel flap
9. Work on gift socks. working on leg of 1st
10. Birthday gift #1 started and finished. DONE
11. Birthday gift #2 started and finished. DONE
12. Start Green Cabled Hoodie. 1/2 way up the back
13. Start Licorice Whip. sleeves on holders, working on body
14. Start and finish dinosaur (special "order"). nope
15. Work on Leaf Lace. 4 repeats to go
16. Restart Clapotis. not done
17. Work on hubbo's xmas sweater. not done
18. Start hubbo's xmas socks. not done
19. Start gift socks #2. not done
20. Some progress on grey socks and dye-o-rama socks. not done
21. Work on Log Cabin if time allows. not done

October Goals:

1. Start and finish dinosaur.
2. Finish green socks.
3. Finish Trekking socks.
4. Finish purple socks.
5. Back of Central Park Hoodie done.
6. Body of Licorice Whip done.
7. Work on Leaf Lace.
8. Finish gift socks #1.
9. Work on grey socks, dye-o-rama socks, Lacy Scallops socks
10. Start gift socks #2.
11. Start hubbo's xmas socks.
12. Start socks with All Things Heather Yarn.
13. Start socks with some of birthday yarn before hubbo takes it away (he's threatening).
14. Work on dye-o-rama socks
15. Work on Lacy Scallops socks

So, finish an old pair, or start a new pair? What would you do?


  1. Yikes! That's a lot of sock yarn.

  2. Pretty pretty pretty!! That scares me, because I'm pretty sure I have more sock yarn than that. *forgets picture and goes back into denial*

  3. Finish an old pair! ("Hello Kettle? This is Pot. You are black.")

    Can I have some of your sock yarn? I am soooo jealous.

  4. I see some pretty Scout yarn! ;)

  5. What a wonderful sock yarn stash! I'd probably finish a pair, but only because I get a little hinky when I have too many UFOs.

  6. I think I need to start doing like you and make a knitting goals list for each month. Otherwise the time just gets away from me. Gorgeous stash, by the way. *drool*

  7. Start a new pair - then you'll have less stash and you won't feel so guilty!

    Happy (early) anniversary, by the way!

  8. Wow, you have some lofty goals - and get a lot done! I could learn from you! :)

  9. Anonymous11:49 AM

    I love your socks and sock yarn. It makes me wish I had a clue how to knit socks. Or something besides a scarf or hat or on a loom.