Friday, October 06, 2006

Not a whole lot

I did resist the urge to cast on for a new pair yesterday. However, we are leaving for the weekend tomorrow morning, and several new balls of sock yarn and patterns were tossed in the bag. Yep. Can't resist. But I did rip out the barely started knee highs - just not loving the yarn for that project. I'll try again.

Today's sock - the Friday Harbor socks, which had the heel turned tonight after taking this picture. They fit great - thanks for all the warnings and errata. I did go up a needle size, but I usually have to, so no biggie. Stop back by for an excellent ABC-along post tomorrow!


  1. Really beautiful. (Almost makes me wish I hadn't frogged mine... twice.) Seriously nice though.

  2. Very pretty!
    love the yarn and the pattern!

  3. I think Nancy Bush is a loose knitter. I always have to go up a needle size for hers. Looking lovely, by the way.