Monday, October 02, 2006

If you take your husband to Lowes

He'll want to buy a new screen door.

While he's in the door aisle, he'll decide he wants to get a door for your bathroom.

Talking about bathrooms will make him want to get a new toilet.

And on your way out, he'll grab a programmable thermostat. (Not yet installed).

Maybe I should take him every weekend?

Today's post brought to you by the new Socktoberfest sock - Friday Harbor in All Things Heather sport weight.

And can I just tell you how funny it is to have your 8 year old ask you how Socktoberfest is going when you pick her up after school? Just how much do I talk about this stuff anyway?


  1. Okay, I'm taking Pea to Lowe's this weekend just to see if he does as much work as your hubbo!! LOL And, why yes, Socktoberfest does rule our every waking moment this month. I see no problem with that. :)

  2. I love this post! We read If you give a moose a muffin all the time to SWB. Sounds like he was quite a busy guy! Yay for you!

  3. I am so jealous...we've had our new toilet for 6 months, but it's still in the box. I've got a wonderful (if procrastinating) hubby.

    Friday Harbor, huh? Straight from the book, or re-written? Have you slipped it over your foot yet? Just checking...voice of experience. Good luck!

    And send some of that home-husbandry hormone this way, 'kay?

  4. I love Friday Harbor! The place and the sock.

  5. So funny!!! Sounds like something my husband would do! Thanks for the smile. ;-)