Thursday, October 19, 2006

We're in the heel flap now

Somehow I've gotten four pairs of socks to the heel flap, where they have, sadly, remained while I've been working on one of the new pairs of socks. Ahem. Now that pair of socks is thisclose to the heel flap too. Yikes.

I did work on one pair, the purple sock, - got it through the gusset tonight. I hope to get a good chunk of it done while we watch The Prestige tomorrow night.

My big plans for the weekend? Finish Licorice Whip and try not to buy new yarn. I'll need lots of luck on both! Good thing everyone will be at Rhinebeck and I won't have any blogs to read, that oughta help. Me, bitter? Never. I'm sure the Kid 'n Ewe festival in a few weeks will be just like Rhinebeck. Just like it. Right?


  1. I love that you are sometimes a late-night blogger. I often work late on the computer (home business) and when I am getting tired and long for a little company I often find a post on your blog and it brightens the night.

    P.S. The drive to Rhinebeck is a little too long for me too (how long would it take me to drive from Oregon...nope, brain shut down). It sure sounds great.

  2. I love that purple sock!! Heh, I can totally relate to how you feel about Rhinebeck...

  3. You know, I thought that all that blahblahblah smacked of bitterness, but then I got thrown off by one of the comments left for you and thought that maybe I misunderstood your post. Well, I feel proud to not have blathered on and on about Rhinebeck on my blog.

  4. psh, at least y'all live in the contiguous states. the cost of the ticket over there would be the equivalent to a new spinning wheel for me and hardly justify the trip. cuz seriously, i'd be paying hundreds if not a couple thousand to fly to a fiber festival just to drop a percentage of what i paid to get there on fiber?
    me? bitter? hah. as much as i'm used to reminding myself that living in hawaii is as great as can be even without ANY sort of knitter-friendly fiber festival like RHINEBECK, OFFF, MSW, or Kid n Ewe, the knitter in me is a vicious green-eyed monster.
    i'm gonna go pout into my knitting now.

  5. oh yeah, i remembered what i was previously going to say before i lost my stitch markers over rhinebeck...
    you could SO finish all those socks! i think that's what motivated me last month to churn out so many socks: seeing them so close to being finished. i don't know about you, but i get burnt out after a sock spurt like that...though seeing your photo of socks and shoes crossing the street would be motivation enough for me to try to do it all over again :) you are a SOCK MACHINE!
    that licorice whip's coming along nicely, too. you'll be done in no time.