Thursday, October 26, 2006

Do it yourself

If Rhinebeck can't come to you, take yourself to Rhinebeck.

I went stash diving this afternoon, and came up with several yummy yarns. From left top - Brooks Farm Four Play in the Vera Cruz colorway - gift from Jill during the "You Know You Knit Too Much" contest. Yum. Will become My So-Called Scarf, I think. Next up is some Vesper Sock Yarn in the Midnight Knitter colorway. Love these colors. I also found a skank of Fleece Artist that I was in love with when I bought it, but has been stuck in the bottom of a bin. Hopefully will grow up into socks soon.

Along the side we have six skeins of Patons Kroy. Would you believe that this is the very first sock yarn I ever bought. It's about time it became socks.

The bottom row contains the oh-so-yummy hank of alpaca that mom got me at the Fort Wayne "Fiber Festival." Must become a hat. And finally, the hank of orange wooly goodness that Jen brought me from Colorado that I'm thinking will turn into this hat that I am just in love with.

All of this orange is making me feel "fallish." Must resist the urge to cast on for new socks, scarves and hats. Must.

But I am going to Indiana in a few weeks, where it has been rather chilly. Perhaps new accessories are just what I need. Hmmmmmmmm.


  1. oh my, that hat is badass! i hadn't checked out the anticraft website in a while, so thanks! i wouldn't have known about that hat otherwise ;)
    i have a skein of four play that i want to knit up. i think i'll wait until you knit yours and see how you like it as your so-called scarf.
    and what a nice surprise to find fleece artist! *drool*

  2. Must. Knit. Winter. Accessories.
    Cold...bad. Wool...good.

  3. We may be the only two people who really want to travel to cold climes in the winter. Are we crazy?

  4. Anonymous8:21 PM

    I will definitely trade houses if you want to come here and knit up your warm hats for a bit! I could use some warm weather to be inspired to work on my camisole!

    Seriously, I do like the green hat and it will be fun watching your progress on that!!

  5. I'm usually not a huge orange fan, but I love that hank of orange! And yes, you are gonna need some accessories in Indiana. It's been a bit chilly.

  6. Yum - Four Play is a fabulous yarn!! Enjoy...