Friday, September 29, 2006


Ahhh. New sock yarn. Like little vials of crack (or so I assume, as I do not do the drugs).

Regia Bamboo and Regia Silk. In gorgeous colors. Cannot wait to knit this up! Will most likey be cast on very soon. I am powerless to resist. If only I had 50 pairs of needles to knit all the sock yarn in the stash at the same time. (And that's a rough estimate - I may even have more than 50 pairs worth. Yikes.)

This is how much sock you can knit in fits and starts (when you're not doing group activities) under the table at an 8 hour inservice. Not too much, but hey, it's that much more done. And I got to talk about the knitting with some other teachers - they don't knit but were intrigued. And the inservice wasn't the worst I've ever had - so not a bad day, all in all.

And finally, a lovely shot of my outfit today. I was taking pictures for the "Model your socks" contest (Hurry and get your entries in tomorrow night!), and wanted to show off my mad matching skillz. Yep. My socks and shirt matched today. Wicked awesome.


  1. I am curious about how the Regia Bamboo will knit up. I never thought of it for sock yarn. I like the color.

  2. those socks are wicked awesome. and i too am looking forward to hearing about the regia bamboo. i saw it in the new webs catalog and i am intrigued. :)

  3. Regia silk comes in self-striping colorways now? Uh-oh...

  4. Your socks and shirt match great...and the shoes too.

  5. Cute picture! :) Mmmm... Regia Silk Color - haven't seen it "live" yet...