Monday, July 10, 2006

Trekking goes Trekking (sort of)

On day two of our Colorado adventure, we headed to Mesa Verde National Park. Another place Hubbo and I wanted to share with The Girl. I really wanted to go on one of their special 100 year anniversary tours, but they were expensive and sold out. Instead, we chose to tour the Spruce Tree House and the Cliff Palace.

The sock above Spruce Tree House

The sock at Cliff Palace

However, due the steep climbs and narrow passages, I did not actually get to knit on the sock during our adventures. I did knit on her during the car ride in and around Mesa Verde though, so that's got to count for something!

Sock number one was finished up on our last day in Durango, and sock two started on the drive to Telluride.

While in Telluride, the sock

watched the fireworks (which were possibly the best fireworks I've ever seen)

rode the Gondola to Mountain Village (and I'm not sure why I'm not looking at the camera here!)

and watched The Gourds in the POURING rain.(I know it doesn't look like it in this picture, but it was pouring. Seriously. Even with a giant golf umbrella, I was soaked through to my undies when we got up to leave. Yuck. However, I certainly wasn't as wet as The Harlot.)

Whew! That's one busy sock! Sadly, with all the rain we got in Telluride (the only time it didn't seem to rain was during the fireworks - lucky for us!), we didn't get to go on a hike. :( The sock pouted quite a bit about this, and is still a bit miffed. However, hubbo has promised to make it up to the sock in the next few days and take us hiking somewhere nearby.

The sock had one more adventure before arriving home, but you'll have to wait for tomorrow for that! And for pictures (and details) of new yarn!


  1. Your sock is having quite the adventure.

  2. OOh, fantastic pics!

    (I seem to have mistyped the spam filter twice already.... What does that say about me?)

  3. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Looks like you and the sock had a great time! That's an amazing story about the train ride accident!!

  4. I think you win for most traveled sock!

  5. Jenn, you must have been leaving as we arrived -- we were at Mesa Verde late in the afternoon of the 4th and left on the 6th. My poor lace-along project didn't get to see the sights, however. And our poor kids didn't get to see fireworks, except for tiny chrysanthemums in the distance. They are still complaining.

    Great photos! And great trip!

  6. My Trekking sock is too embarrassed to even be in the same internet as your Trekking sock!