Friday, July 14, 2006

M is for Music

El hubbo and I have a fairly large music collection. We have hundreds of CDs, and over 100 LPs.

When we moved in together (I know, sinners!) we had a lot of duplicates, and got rid of about 50 CDs (thank you ebay), but we still have a ton. (In all honesty, we kept several of the duplicates - our favorites - so that we could both listen to them in the car without any fights.)

Music was a very large part of our lives when we were younger. I grew up listening almost soley to the "oldies" station - so much so that I didn't really know who Debbie Gibson, NKOTB, or Tiffany were until much after everyone else my age. However, I could name nearly all of the Beatles tunes, knew the entire catalog of 2 Neils (Young and Diamond), was in love with the Boss, and could sing along with anything recorded prior to 1975. I find it very ironic now that my dad comes to me (and hubby) for musical recommendations.

We are lucky enough to live in an area that many artists tour through, so we have had the chance to see many of our favorites (though I stil haven't seen the Boss).

We also are very lucky to have some very talented friends. Two of them sang at our wedding, and are currently performing in the area and are planning to record an album soon. If you are a myspace member, you can hear a bit of them here. The male half of the duo is uber-talented, and has played in several local groups, and is currently touring with Jason Eady, and you can hear some of their songs here.

So, who/what is your favorite music/song?

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  1. Ok, I'm catching up here -- it's been the week from hell. But you know I can't resist a music post. I admire your extensive collection! :)

    Right now, my favorite band is the Decemberists, and my favorite song by them is "California One Youth and Beauty Brigade." But I recently discovered Camera Obscura and they are fun -- they remind me of Belle and Sebastian. Which made me think of you and your hubby, because I remembered you saying that he liked them.