Saturday, July 15, 2006

Oh so hot

I know we're all saying this, but it is freakin' hot here. Ugh. And only mid-July. Ugh.

My sky isn't very exciting today - I tried to get a good sunset picture, but it didn't work out so well for me.

However, I have been gifted with two lovely items recently. While in Colorado, my momma passed on the lovely skein of alpaca that she got at the Fort Wayne Fiber Festival a few months ago. It is super yummy, and I think will become a simple hat for me. ('Cause I only have four handknitted hats. I clearly need another.)

And the lovely Jen knitted me up an oh-so-yummy pair of cashmere socks. Yep. Cashmere. They are "congratulations on getting a job" socks. Heck, if I had known that I would get handknitted cashmere socks, I might have tried harder to get a job sooner! ;) Clearly she loves me! They are oh-so-soft, but, sadly, a bit too warm to wear these days. I can't wait to slip them on when it gets cold out! Thanks so much Jen!


  1. Hmm - that hot huh? I'm not sure I actually want to stop if it's too hot. Maybe if it's above 90 I'll just keep going! ;)

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  3. Really cute socks! I picked up some alpaca from that vendor at the fiber fest. So soft. Probably not quite as soft as cashmere socks! ;o)

  4. Oh, the tube top...totally. :P