Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mail call

I spent a good portion of yesterday evening packing up boxes to mail today.

I packed up the goodies for my August Birthday Swap pal (no pictures for you!), for my One Skein Pal (pictures tomorrow!), and for my Knit Sock Kit Swap. Oh you wanna see something?

I made my pal a little drawstring bag with a hook for her to wear on her belt, got some lovely Cherry Tree Hill yarn for her kit (along with a notebook and tape measure), and a stitch marker. A very special stitch marker.

Get it? A foot for her socks? Yeah, I'm a dork. I'm actually very excited about this, as I've been looking for feet charms for a while and found some in Durango. Yippee!

In other excitement, my Dye-o-rama pal has started knitting up the yarn I dyed for her - go see!

I'll be back tomorrow with some actual finished objects! Don't drop dead!


  1. Hey, speaking of Dye-O-Rama yarn...can't you humor me with a swatch or something?? LOL!!!

  2. Lucky Pal!! The foot is a hoot!