Thursday, July 06, 2006


So Chris caught me. I have no reading goals listed for July.

It didn't help that I so grossly overestimated how much I could read in June, and that my July time will be greatly infringed upon too. However, I have been reading a bit here and there.

I finished a few books in June - Julie and Julia, 12 Sharp, and I listened to Mary, Mary.

Julie and Julia is very good. I'm not a huge fan of cooking (I can do it, but the hubbo really enjoys it, so he is in charge of the kitchen), but this *almost* made me want to start cooking more. (Don't worry - I won't be as it would cut into my knitting time!). I had never read her blog, but I may go back and skim it. However, the book is really seperate from the blog. Sure, the blog got her the book deal, but she didn't just reprint it verbatim. One of the interesting moments in the book is when she talks about getting her first comments, and how exciting it is. Later, during a break in the project for the holidays, worries about her readers - will they have left her? How are they all doing in their lives? It really speaks to how I think many of us feel about our little community in our own blogosphere. And of course, above all this, it is a book about finding yourself, figuring out what makes us happy, and how to try to make that work.

12 Sharp is another delightful fluffy book from Janet Evanovich. I started reading these seriously last year, and now can't wait until next summer for #13. My sister had read them for some time and had been pressuring me to pick them up, but I kept avoiding it. Why, I'm not sure, but I'm glad I finally gave in. 12 Sharp keeps the plotlines going, but with a fresh coat of paint, if you will. The story strays a bit from the series' previous books. Stephanie's car doesn't get blown up, they aren't chasing a dangerous bail jumper, but I think the freshness really helps. Now if she could just pick Ranger or Morelli....but where's the fun in that?

Mary Mary is crap. Really, there's just no nice way to say it. I used to like James Patterson's books, but the more recent ones just suck. Please, don't waste your brain cells on this one.

I am reading several books right now, and hope to read several this month - lets say 6 again? We'll see!


  1. You're getting a lot more reading done than I am. Nothing seems to hold my attention. I'm reading Jodi Picoult's Tenth Circle and usually i fly through her books. This one feels like a slog, but I think it's me and not the book. I'm on the waiting list for 12 Sharp. Those books are such a hoot!

  2. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Good luck with your list! I'm so slow; it's driving me crazy. Do you knit and read at the same time?

  3. Heh. Don't mind me! :)

    I enjoyed Julie and Julia, too, even tho I don't cook. And 12 Sharp was FUN. Can't say much about it because I don't want to ruin it for anyone else..........