Tuesday, July 11, 2006

On the road home

When I was planning our route home (and by planning, I mean checking mapquest and googlemaps), I noticed something we must travel through to get home. Hmmmm, who lives in ABQ? A few emails later, and we had plans to meet!

Ms. Dye-o-rama herself and I had a lovely, though too short, visit. I got to explore her job, meet her co-workers, and help her look through samples of other dyeable fibers for her store. I look forward to another visit in October!

She wanted to pose with the sock too, which the sock loved. (It's hard to see here, but the sock is blushing.)

So what did I bring back from our travels? Our first stop was at Yarn in Durango. A nice store - many higher priced items (I suppose to cater to those with $$ who ski up there), but a cute store with a lovely "tea room" inside as well. After a second visit, I decided on a ball of ONLine cotton sock yarn in lovely pinks and greens.

Sadly, there is no yarn store in Telluride (someone move there and open one! There is so much money to be made in that town! That is, if you can afford to live there!). So our final stop was Village Wools, where the hubbo was saddened to find a skein of sock yarn that he really liked, but they only had one of. We are on a search to find it locally, so that he won't be too depressed. I, of course, wanted to buy half the contents of the store, but limited myself to two balls of sock yarn (of course!). Yummy Trekking in a colorway I've been looking for, and some lovely Opal Petticoat. They have a great selection of sock yarn (and pretty much all yarn), so if you find yourself nearby, make the time to stop in!

Lucky for me, two packages were waiting when I got home too! First is my lovely PS Blue Postcard all the way from Malaysia! I love it - so prety! Thanks!

I also received my second skein from my One Skein pal - a lovely hank of allhemp yarn. Now I just need to decide what to do with it! And I LOVE the pink bag that it came it - right up my alley!

Whew! That wraps up our vacation coverage here - back to you at the station!


  1. You're so silly!

    Did you notice how freakishly white my legs look compared to my arms? WEIRD!

  2. I've been to Village Wools (a few years ago now) and loved it. Sounds like you had a great trip!

    What yarn is it you're looking for?