Friday, May 05, 2006

I heart my postal person

It's been a good mail week here at casa de knitnlit.

On Wednesday I got my long-awaited copy of Rebecca in the mail - cute, but nothing I have to knit right now.

I also got this cute bag for subscribing to Self magazine. Hey! It's green!

Today I came home to three goodies in the mail - my summer IK!! (more on this later) and

Two two two postcards for the price of one from Erica, my Project Spectrum postcard swap partner. She sent two postcards cause she was "late" - one for April and one for May.

They're lovely! Even the hubby was impressed and told me I could "learn something" from them (he meant it in a nice way, I promise!). I love them!

I also got a goodie from Gwen's Great Monday Give-away. How lucky am I!?

I love it - even The Girl likes it (she really likes that it "tells you what to put in each pocket."). And Gwen included two sweet treats - a ball of yarn (love the color and soooo soft!) and a cute Japanese checkbook register (at least I think that's what it is!). I've got to get cracking on my thank you postcards - my printer was out of ink, so I've been bad, but we bought a new cartridge, so I'll whip those up this weekend!

Speaking of Whip Up - I found out Tuesday night at knitting that one of our "members"'s sister got a mention on Whip Up! She runs Textile Fetish and Kristy has some of her things and they are SO CUTE!

Maybe my mail good luck will continue tomorrow or next week with a package from my sockpal! Mine got hers on Thursday and she loves hers! Yippee!


  1. Anonymous6:34 PM

    That IS an incredible postal week! Isn't that the best??

  2. definitely awesome.

  3. Be careful, Midas. Everything you touch seems to be turning to gold.