Sunday, May 21, 2006

In praise of the washrag

My little sis recently moved into a new house, and what better gift than some dishcloths!

Pattern: Nothing special - one is just a rectangle, and the other has some yo's on the edges.
Yarn: Lily Sugar & Cream - just under 1 ball for both.
Needles: Susan Bates sz 8s.
Mods: um, none.
Thoughts: Love a quick knit! Now, y'all need to tell her that it's OK to use them on the dishes! They're not just for pretty!

To demonstrate, allow me to show you my most often used washrag - my lovely reverse bloom facecloth knit for me by the lovely Theresa. I use it every morning - here it is drying on the shower door. I love it!

Finally, I may have forgotten to mention this, but while I was in Boston/MA/CT/NYC in March, I taught my best friend's momma to knit! She knit on the way home in the car, and recently sent me this picture:

With this note: Hi Jen, I told your mom that they actually look better than the pictures, but I am afraid to get them wet! I'm very creative when I'm not sure what to do and have great fun making up my own stitches...

I'm so excited that she's having a great time, and I love that she's making up her own stitches - way to go!

Say it with me people - use those washrags!


  1. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Hi from Austria! I really love your washrags, such lovely and cheerful colors! I keep seeing all kinds of variations of them all over blogland, but yours now certainly inspired me to do my own! Great ones! And yay for recruiting new knitters, that's always a great thing to do - and your friend's mom is sure doing great progress!

  2. So glad you use it!

  3. Anonymous9:12 PM

    YES! I am afraid to use them! I put them in the drawer with the other towels and such.... but you made them! I can't wash dishes with them!!!!!

  4. I recently made some quick-knit dishcloths for myself. I needed to! It was therapy to just be able to make something really simple. I like the yarn overs on the sqaure one you made.