Monday, May 22, 2006

2 1/2 Socks

It's been all sock, all the time here lately. For some crazy reason all I want to do these days is get stuff off the needles. Perhaps it's that school is ending. Perhaps it's the looming beginning of the Amazing Lace and the Summer of Socks. At any rate, all this (relative) project monogamy has been good for my tooties!

Unfortunately, these socks don't match. And normally I wouldn't care (OK, so maybe I'd care a little bit), but one is not for me, and as a result, is too big. Pooey.

The green sock has seen a lot of action over the past few days - I've gotten addicted to the pattern, and as a result, it has flown off the needles. I only had about 3 pattern repeats done as of last Monday, and yesterday - a finished sock! In good knitterly behavior, the second sock has been cast on. Can I finish it before the end of May?

The Husband and I went to see "The DaVinci Code" on Friday and I took along the plain green sock for company. I had about an inch of stockinette done before we got there, and when we left - just a few rows to go before I was ready to flap that heel.

I'm not sure much else will get done before June 1, but hopefully I'll have at least one finished pair of socks! Perhaps something else will get done.....but what will it be?


  1. Love the socks! What are the patterns?? I went crazy buying sock yarn lately & I need some ideas.

  2. Yes, that's excellent knitterly behavior you have there!!! They both are really nice - what patterns are they? (Maybe your own??)