Tuesday, May 16, 2006

She's crafty

Which is good when she misplaces her knitting mojo.

On Sunday I set out to work some crafty mojo by hitting the thrift store for sweaters to felt. Sadly, our large thrift store apparently only stocks things seasonally - there was not a stitch of wool to be found. On to the next!

I came home and got ready to dye up some yarn - some for my swap pal and some for me! Here's what I came up with - which one do y'all think I should send my swap pal?

Very Berry



I dyed up the Very Berry using an old pyrex bowl and the microwave! Three packets of strawberry kool aid and three of grape (next time I'd use more grape). I was amazed that I could keep the color mostly to one side without any fanciness! I just poured it onto 1/4 of the skein, did the other color on another 1/4, twisted the skein and laid the second half on top and did the 1/4 colors again. It's a very "varigated" skein - the colors really fade in and out of each other. I would love to see it knit up!

Seaside was done using three packets of Artic Green Apple (this color kind of sucks - not very green) and one of Lemon-Lime for the Green and 3 packs of Ice Blue Raspberry. I *heart* these colors. I'll be recreating one of these for me if I send off this one!

Sunset was done using three colors - three packs of orange in one pot, five of lemonade in a mason jar sitting in my big pot, and three packs of cherry in the big pot. Because of the way the yarn laid across the big pot there is a spot of darker color that fades into a lighter pink on either side. I really like the way this looks - the effect of four colors for the price of three! I also love this one and will be making another for myself if I give this one away.

So, what do you think? Leave me a note in the comments! Edited to add: My pal said anything goes color-wise!

Last night I couldn't sit still to knit, and I've been really wanting to sew up some fabric that's been in my stash since last summer. I wanted to do something different from my usual tall and narrow-ish tote bags, so I made one long and not as tall. It also has two interior pockets (and the fabric on the pockets matches up to the interior fabric - when I tried to show the husband the pockets, he said "where?" I guess it worked!). I love this bag - it's a great size for a purse or knitting bag and has perfect length and width handles. I've really got to start writing down what I do when I make these so I can recreate them!

The knitting mojo may have returned this evening. Try to contain your excitement.

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  1. Hallo Jen,

    The bag looks great, very nice pattern and fine colours - pink and green. :)
    And the wool looks fantastic too. Hm, I would also have problems to decide which one I should give away. I dont' know your pal, but for some people the red ones are perhaps a bit too extreme??
    Verrry difficult.

    warm wihes

    Astrid, still impressed by your gifts

  2. Anonymous4:58 AM

    Darling bag!

    I'd have a hard time choosing which yarn to send too. I think I'd end up sending "Seaside", but that's cause I love red & purple and I'd want to keep the other yarn for myself. :::Grin:::

  3. What a cute bag. I just got a sewing machine, and now I'm getting more and more inspired by all the totes.

  4. Love the yarn you dyed, especially the Seaside. Great colors. I love the fabric you choose for your bag, such a happy Spring bag!

    Amanda :)

  5. Your yarn came out great - Seaside is my favorite too. That bag looks like th perfect spring knitting tote!!

  6. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Well, clearly Seaside is my fave, but I'm not sure if that means you should keep it or send it :) I guess if we were going for "good person" I should say send it. By the way, if that bag goes missing, it wasn't me!

  7. I like the Seaside, but you know I'm a sucker for blues and greens, and blue-greens! The Very Berry is also gorgeous. I think I'd send the Berry.

  8. I like the bottom one, it's bright. I have a thing for bright colors right now.