Wednesday, May 17, 2006

About that will power...

It seems to be failing me AGAIN. An innocent stop at Tuesday Morning (home of the great Cotton-Ease binge of '05) on Sunday led to this:

Five skeins of dk/sport weight (235 yds each), 100% wool yarn from Italy (I'm so glad I could figure out the 100% wool in Italian!) for $2.99/ball. Yep. Y'all understand about how it HAD to come home with me, right?

In other stash enhancement news, my MIL gave me a card for mother's day that said for my gift she wanted to take me shopping at the new yarn store. Awww! I'm super excited.

And my hubby got me a gift even though I told him not too. Aren't they lovely?

He did say that he was going to "Go by the yarn store and buy you a ball of Trekking, but they were closed." Awwww! He was mad when he found out that he could have gotten the yarn for the same price he paid for the flowers! Too cute. Good thing he doesn't know about that ball that might have come home with me on Thursday.

In Project Spectrum news, I started a new green sock. I've been a *bit* stressed these past few weeks with the job search ulcer taking hold, and after ripping two sweaters I needed mindless non-sweater knitting. Enter stockinette sock for the hubby. Sportweight Wool-ease (why oh why did Lion Brand discontinue this?) in heathered green on size 2 Susan Bates DPNs. Like a lovely bowl of good vanilla ice cream. This is my comfort knitting right now.

The other comforting thing right now? Good coffee in my favorite mug - also green.

While I'm admitting to my inability to resist yarn purchases and cast-ons, I guess I should admit to my KAL disease. It's back. I'm a joiner. I think most of it might be because of that whole "summer vacation" thing (even though I'll likely be working all summer), but who knows. Perhaps all the good ones just come along at the right time.

Besides Project Spectrum, Sew? I Knit, Count Your Socks, 2000 Socks, and Sock a Month, I've also joined the Amazing Lace, the Trek Along, Summer of Socks, and The Summer Reading Challenge. Whew! It's a good thing that some of these overlap! Perhaps I'm overcommitted. Or just need to be committed. Hm.

Finally, for my One-Skein Pal, some answers to questions posed specifically for me!

Hello, Jenn!

I've had some time to check out your blog and it I get this feeling
you enjoy knitting socks. I can't believe how many things you've made.
So with that in mind, I have some questions below for you (feel free
to reply to this email or post on your blog).

- Your One Skein Secret Pal

What's your favorite sock yarn to knit? Hmmm, I really like Trekking and Koigu but that Knitpicks stuff is pretty nice too.

What's your favorite method to knit socks (DPNs from what I can tell,
but I could be wrong)? You're right! I only knit on DPNs, and frankly, I love it and am not so keen on the idea of learning another way. Or maybe I'm just stuck in what's comfortable.

What's your favorite type of sock yarn: solids or variegated? I really like both - a great solid is so nice for a textured pattern, but there are such beautiful variegateds out there too! Really, anything can find a home in my sock stash!

Favorite sock book? Hmmm, this one is tricky. I haven't actually knit a pair of socks from any book pattern (unless you count the knitter's handy book of patterns), but I have several. I've got the Nancy Bush ones. And I've got Sensational Knitted Socks, but I haven't knit anything from it yet.

Favorite sock pattern? I do love the Jaywalker pattern, and intend to knit it up again.

Size shoe/sock you wear? I wear a size 8/8 1/2 shoe.

Who do you knit socks the most for? I'd love to say me, but of the 10 pairs I've knit, only four have been for me! Three were sockpal socks, and two pairs were for my hubby. And one for a gift. I have big plans to knit more for myself, but of the three socks currently on the needles, only one pair is for me.

Worst sock yarn... ever? I haven't knit with anything horrible.....yet.

What fun! Methinks some sock yarn *might* be in the works! I'm gathering ideas for my swap pals and working on packages right now too! Love this.

Keep voting for your favorite dyed yarn - I'm still undecided!

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  1. You did exactly the right thing at Tuesday Morning.