Sunday, May 28, 2006

It's not all knitting this weekend

I actually haven't made it to the beer and book yet this weekend - I've been otherwise occupied:

Ahhh - a home pedicure! My tooties are very happy!

Today I discovered my love for the stretchy cord. Seriously. Someone stop me.

If you like to make jewelry (or want to try it out), get some of this. Now. It is the best thing since sliced bread.

Some of these beads have been waiting around for some time now wanting to become bracelets, but I didn't have much success with using wire, so they've been marinating until the arrival of the solution - stretchy cord!

I love how bracelets can add just a little punch to an outfit and I'm looking forward to wearing these a lot next fall.

I also made some cute stitchmarkers for my swap pals, and dyed up a new skein of yarn for my dye-pal. I'll show you when it's dry.

In case you're bored this weekend, check out these links:

The fall Knitscene preview is up. There seem to be a few patterns worth buying the magazine for.

Like baseball? Love knitting? Is your city hosting a Stitch 'n Pitch event? Find out here!

And don't forget - Saturday June 10 is World Wide Knit in Public Day. Find out if your city is hosting an event here. Fort Worth Knitters - I'm working on something for us. Tomorrow is location scouting day!

Enjoy your Monday - especially if you don't have to work! Yippee!


  1. Now why would we try to stop you?? The bracelets are so cute!!!!! I say, keep on making them. :)

  2. I love beading, dig out that stretchy cord! I am in love with my bead loom too (yeah, I have one of those). LOL! Your bracelets are too cute!