Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sometimes, it's easy being green

Like when you're green (iced) tea, homemade guacamole, and finished green socks!

Pattern: Cloverleaf Rib socks from an old Six Sox KAL pattern
Yarn: Opal (the German Opal, not the Gems Opal) color 1266 (apple green)
Needles: Size 1 Susan Bates DPNs. My favorites.
Mods: The pattern only called for the cuff, but I chose to continue it down the foot. I really like it this way.
Thoughts: I was unsure about the color first, but it's grown on me. I love the pattern, and look forward to more lacy socks this summer!
KAL: Two feet of the Amazing Lace relay complete!
Screaming from the stash now: Surprisingly, nothing! I really want to get some more things off the needles before June officially hits, so I'm off to work on them!

I'm super excited, 'cause this not only makes two finished pairs of socks this month, this is the first month I've finished my "socks of the month" (for Project Spectrum) in the month they were made for. You may all applaud. Can this bode well for June?

This would be a lovely way to start my summer, if I didn't have to teach summer school starting tomorrow next week (oops!). Ah well. A few more days of knitting freedom remain! What else can I finish up around here.....


  1. Anonymous7:35 AM

    So pretty!

  2. Gorgeous socks. And a great green composition. Love it!

  3. Those turned out great! Love that shade of green.

  4. Your socks are so lovely! They are a wonderful shade of green, very Kermit like!
    Have fun teaching summer school, I got out of that one this year. YAY!

  5. Guacamole green socks - I love it. Did you save me some guac?? Mmmmm....