Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday: The Knitting Edition

I'm hijacking WIP Wednesday this week to show off what I'm knitting. I haven't got much going in the sewing department - a quilt that needs quilting, one that I'm in the midst of cutting and piecing (not very photogenic yet!), and some sewing projects I just cut last night for new dresses/tops for Samantha.

But I'm in the midst of several knitting projects (nothing new there!), and I haven't shared what I'm actually working on here on the blog in far too long. Y'all must think these knitting projects spring up completed like magic! :)

First up is Kindling, from last fall's Knitty. I'm knitting it for Samantha, in the 4T size in Knitpicks Stroll Sport. I think it's funny that the pattern in the picture is purple, and I'm knitting purple, because I'm trying to get away from using the modeled color. But she's had three pink sweaters in three years, so it was time for something different. I'm thinking about a grey sweater for next year. This was actually started last fall, but put aside when my wrist was injured, and then sat because the opposite cables were too much for my brain when the babies were still not sleeping through the night. But I pulled it out about a week ago, and I only have three cable rows left (on the front, still a few on the sleeves)! Then it's just back and forth for a while. I'm glad to get this to where I can work on it without looking at a chart - just in time for the craziness of school and all of our other activities starting!

This bundle of cable goodness is on it's way to becoming the Heirloom Aran Baby Sweater (rav link). I've loved this sweater since I started knitting (it was in one of the first knitting magazines I ever bought!). I started this last summer in Knitpicks Palette, but again, it was put aside. I restarted it in Rowan Yorkshire Tweed that I had bought many many years ago. I'm so glad I switched the yarn! The cables look SO much better in the Rowan yarn, because it is more tightly spun. I still have a lot to do on this project to have it done in time for winter, so I'm hoping this can become my nighttime TV knitting. It does seem to go quickly when I work on it, even though it is tiny yarn and needles. 

This is the Archie Vest (rav link) from Vintage Baby Knits. I'm using Knitpicks Comfy Fingering. Yum! I love this yarn, and the pattern is moving along pretty quickly. I started it this spring, and then it got put aside (I'm not sure why! I think I just forgot about it!). I modified it to knit in the round, so I don't have to knit colorwork back and forth. I have several inches done, so hopefully this will be done for the fall. This is my project to work on while the kids play outside - with cooler temperatures hopefully on the way, we will be spending more time outside and that means more knitting time for me! 

And this tiny project is the very beginning of the Neighborly Vest for Samantha in some lovely turquoise Cascade 220. I did the button band/neck band a long time ago, and just haven't gotten around to picking up stitches. I'm hoping to do that this week so I can really get started on this (most of it is just stockinette stitch in the round so it should go super fast), and it can be my soccer practice/ballet project. 

And finally this is my Tangled Yoke sweater. I started this sweater years ago, and I don't know why it is taking me so long to finish! I stopped at the yoke because of the cable when I was pregnant last year, but picked it up again a few months ago. The somewhat complicated cable, and the weight of the entire sweater really aggravate my wrist, but I want this to be finished! I'm gong to try to work on this a row at a time this fall. It probably is now too small in the bust post-baby, but maybe it will fit again someday! It is too pretty to give up on! 


  1. Looks divine! I will probably never take up knitting, I have too much quilting on my plate! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, you're an excellent knitter. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.