Monday, August 27, 2012

Welcome to the Nursery!

When we found out we were having twins (gosh, almost two years ago now! Wow!), I was so excited to create handmade things for their nursery. We didn't do much for Samantha's nursery, so I really wanted to do this one up! Also, we were adding on to the house, so they were taking the former master bedroom.
I started by choosing a theme (I love a good theme!) - forest animals. Of course, I was about a year ahead of the trend, since there are so many cute woodland themed fabrics out now!
I made their quilts first, as I knew I would probably be uncomfortable sitting on the floor basting quilts when I was further along. I had picked up two cute fat quarter bundles in Austin at Stitch Lab previously that year. They happened to coordinate, so I decided to use them together in a "plus" design quilt for Ellie.
Plus quilt

I love this one - it is small and has such cute prints (gnomes! mushrooms!).

For Ben's quilt I wanted to use the Hooty Hoot line of fabric - Owls and Kangaroos! Crazy! I had picked up a panel of the fabric, and wanted to use it as well. I used the Road Trip Quilt pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew. I made it a bit larger than the pattern, as I had plenty of fabric.
Hooty Hoot quilt

I used the panel and some leftover rectangles from the front for the backing. It is cute and reversible!

Back of Hooty Hoot quilt

Of course, making them quilts wasn't enough for my crazy tendencies, I had to knit them blankets as well.

Mitered squares blanket

For Ben's blanket I used the Four Corners Baby Blanket, and five colors of Cotton Ease. Each corner is knit alone, then seamed and the border added. It was a nice, easy but interesting knit.

Patchwork blanket

For Ellie's blanket I usedthe Patchwork Blanket pattern from an older Nashua booklet. It was also easy, but seaming garter stitch is not my favorite! I do like the colors a lot in this one - also Cotton Ease.

Stop by each day this week to see more of the handmade items in their nursery!

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