Thursday, August 09, 2012

That's my name

My guild has asked us all to wear name tags to our meetings. Many members have lovely handmade/embroidered nametags. I have been wanting to learn how to piece letters, so I thought I would try (after all, my name only has four letters in it, how hard could it be?). I sat down during naptime one day (the day of the guild meeting, of course!)


I just started sewing some scraps together with some Kona White. J wasn't too bad. E was a bit more complicated, and the n's were a disaster. And apparently I cannot judge size very well, as my nametag is the width of my chest. Not really ideal.

Maybe I'll invest in Word Play Quilts or buy Elizabeth Hartman's Refrigerator Magnets pattern. I would love to put people's names on the back of their quilts!

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